Creative, Cool Ways to Use Vine Videos to Market Your Small Business

by G.B. Oliver

Have you heard about Vine? Vine is the current hot social media craze as it allows you to create 6-second videos, using your smart phone, that loop (video repeats).

Vine has become increasing popular, probably because the videos are so short. The point of the video looping, means it has to be interesting enough that people want to see if over and over again.


Because of the popularity of this social medium, it is always good to think outside the box and conceive how you can use it to promote your business. You have 6-seconds, and it can’t look like a blatant ad.

Here are some ideas for Vine videos that I came up with that might inspire you:

  • If you are selling beauty or skin care products, like an anti-aging product, you could do a time lapsed video that shows the effect of the product, on the same woman, over a 6 week period (she doesn’t have to sit in front of your phone for six weeks, just film her for a few seconds, each week, in the same position). That would be interesting if the change was quite dramatic.
  • If you sell art, again, a time lapsed video showing you painting it, from a blank canvas to a finished picture hanging on a wall.
  • If you sell toys, set up one of those complicated falling dominos tricks and at the end is the logo for your shop; or have the stuffed animals you sell come alive with a stop animation film.
  • I have a customer, JB Ranch, who sells dog grooming products. She could do a Vine video showing a scruffy, completely filthy dog, give him a time elapsed, two-second bath, and then show the end result of a beautifully groomed dog.
  • Consider a How To video, if you can show it in 6 seconds like this one from Nordstrom on How to Tie a Tie.


When you are done, give the video a catchy headline, and then promote it:

  • Post it on Twitter (Twitter owns Vine) using the hash tags: #vine #vinevideo #vine
  • Submit it to the Facebook page (with 1.2 million fans) Best Instagram & Vine Videos
  • The Huffington Post (with 43 million monthly readers) hosts a weekly column of the Best Vine Videos. Click here and then click “Submit a Tip”
  • Submit it to Reddit’s Vine section
  • Submit to Ellen, as she is now showing Vine videos in a weekly feature
  • Submit it to the YouTube channel, VineCompilations with 300,000 members

FINAL WORD: I am still exploring Vine myself, so I will have more tips in the coming weeks, but remember, funny, cute and informative are always popular. And your company name is attached to the video, so you don’t always have to include product promotion in the clip itself.

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Author: Gail Oliver, Online Small Business Consultant

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