Product Photography I Love! One King’s Lane’s Text Fly-outs

by G.B. Oliver

Are you using your product photos to point out or highlight unique features and/or uses for your products? It can be a really effective selling tool.

Online retailer One Kings Lane is a great example of a shop that uses  text fly-outs on their product photos to show the customer the value, use, target market and prominent features. You can add text to your photos using any photo editing program, so I thought I would give you some inspiration.

How to Use Your Photos to Sell Your Products


Describe How It Can Be Used: Remember it is not always obvious to people what use they may have for your product and that could be why they end up not buying it. So point out how to use it, how to display it, how to wear it, etc., but keep it short and simple.



Remind Who It Could Be For: Especially at this time of year, it helps to remind that while it may not be for them, it could be for someone else. I would have expanded this a bit more and said “Great Gift Idea for Kids” but it does help to get the buyer thinking.



Extra Services You Offer: If you can monogram an item, personalize it, customize it, etc., let customers know. People don’t always take the time to read through product copy, so make it easy for them to see extra services you offer.




Point Out Special Features: A photo isn’t always the same as seeing the item in person. So identify features a customer may not notice, such as “Real 14K Gold”, “Pure Natural Gemstone” or “Super Soft”.




Other Possible Uses: Think of every room, every place, every event, every occasion, and point it out. In this case, if someone already had a wreath for the front door they would think they didn’t need another one, until you remind them of another place they could put it.


FINAL WORD: Not sure what to highlight to your customers? Simply answer Who, What, When, Where, Why and How to get some inspiration.


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