Marketing I Love!

by G.B. Oliver

Anyone who has ever read any of my marketing ebooks knows my love affair with the shopping blog, Outblush, and from a marketing perspective, here is why:

1. Simple Concept


Every day (including weekends) they show about 25 products that are interesting, quirky, useful, in all ranges of categories and price points.

2. Real Recommendations


These are not paid for sponsorships; you can submit your products for consideration for free. I know because they have run products from many of my customers, including Margaret Vera Designs above. This makes the site trusted and credible.

3. Brilliant Product Copy


Definitely some of the best marketing copy writers you’ll find. They write witty, clever, funny descriptions that also show the virtues of the product, and they usually do it in less than 80 words. No small feat!

4. Customer Engagement


You always want to engage with your customers, and with their “Personal Shopper” features, readers can ask Outblush to be find products for them based on a certain need i.e. “Alexa needs a cute cat sweater, here are 8 suggestions”. I imagine Alexa will now be sharing this post with all of her Facebook friends (smart!).

My Suggestions

If I could offer Outblush two tips to get even more exposure:

1. Create an icon that says, “Chosen By Outblush“, kind of like the Oprah’s Favorite Things 2013 symbol (you could even steal the “O”). Oprah's-favorite-things-2013

2. Include the retailer when you tweet out a product, such as @Nordstrom or @Anthropologie. Chances are, they will retweet (by the way, I will be tweeting this to you).

FINAL WORD: Any ideas here you plan to use with your own small business?

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Author: Gail Oliver, Online Small Business Consultant

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