Product Photography I Love! Cosmetic Companies

by G.B. Oliver

Cosmetic companies have some of the best product photos and they are getting more and more creative. Great photographs get highly circulated on social media and act as an advertisement for your business. So see if these are some ideas you can borrow, regardless of what you sell.

1. Highlight the Main Feature of Your Product


When it comes to selling nail polish, it is all about the color, and this one definitely conveys the richness of this shade. A stunning photo by nail polish company, Essie, not only is this photo eye-catching, but it is the kind of photo social media loves.

2. Highlight the Ingredients of Your Products


This Dior perfume is a blend of Freesia and Jasmine petals with Bulgarian Rose. The photo is not only dramatic, but does a great job of helping you visualize these ingredients by having them flow out of the bottle. (Depending on what you sell, ingredients could also mean materials)

3. Highlight the Selection You Offer

product-photography-helpI loved this photo from Madison Street Beauty when it popped up in my Twitter feed the other day. It does a great job of conveying their wide range of colors. It is important to let your customers know that if this product isn’t right for them, you have another one that is.

FINAL WORD: Great photos sell products. Even if you can only afford to get one of your products professionally photographed in an artistic way, you can maximize its use as the main photo on your website, in your ads, and on social media to get attention for your business. Which ones will you try?

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