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by G.B. Oliver, Small Business Marketing Consultant

Screen shot 2013-12-04 at 2.36.08 PMOne online store that markets itself really well is Bauble BarSpecializing in fashion jewelry, they offer some really unique and smart marketing tactics that you may want to consider for your E-comm business.

1. Uses Instagram to Get Customers to Share


At the bottom of their home page, Bauble Bar displays photos from customers wearing their jewelry. They offer an incentive for their customers to upload the photos by giving away three $100 gift cards each month. The key is they also have to include the hash tag #BaubleBar. This is a great way to also connect with your customers and get them to recommend you to their friends on social media.

2. Promotes Best Sellers


Also along the bottom of the home page you will get a constantly moving list of Bauble Bar’s Best Sellers. It is always a good idea to point out to your less-than-savvy fashion customers which are the hot pieces so they will jump on the trend.

3. Has a Monthly Treasure Find


Every Monday and Friday, Bauble Bar secretly marks down two of their products to $10 and $20, respectively, and then they email clues to their customers who sign up to find the deal on the site. This is not only a brilliant way to get people to join your mailing list, but to also take advantage of those customers who are always looking for a deal.

4. Offers Kids’ Line

How -to-market-online-shop

Bauble Bar offers a small line of affordable jewelry products for young girls, which allows them to branch out into other target markets, but the same buyer (i.e. mothers buying for daughters).

5. Puts a Time Limit on Sales


Sometimes when you indicate that a price has been marked down, people may still not jump on it because they think they have time. But if you indicate that it is only marked down for a limited time, they will act now.

6. Lists Product Categories at the Top


I love how Bauble Bar lists the product categories in large text above the product listings (they do list the categories on the side as well). When you have a large inventory it always helps to give buyers options to quickly narrow down the list to what they are looking for, so they don’t give up in frustration.

As you can see, Bauble Bar is a great example of a company really trying to engage their customers in a variety of different ways. It’s no wonder that there’s a waiting list for so many of their products!

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