3 Creative Ideas To Circulate Your Business Card

by G.B. Oliver

A business card is still a cost-effective way to advertise your online business. Make sure the card has a design that really gets attention, your shop url is large and clearly noticeable and it is obvious what you sell.

Here are three ideas to really circulate your card to your local market:

1. Business Cards in Packages of Complimentary Shops


Contact five online shops that are in the same city as you, but are complimentary vendors, not competitors. Agree to include their shop’s business card in the packages you send to your customers in exchange for them doing the same for you.

2. Business Cards Attached to Holiday Treats


Buy a few boxes of candy canes. Attach your business card and leave on the windshield of parked cars at the mall. Or, if your town is having a Christmas parade, hand out the candy canes to bystanders watching.

3. Post Your Cards at Friends & Family’s Workplace


Have a fridge magnet made up of your business card. Then ask friends and family to put it on the refrigerator in the lunch room of their work place. You could also stick the magnets on the back of washroom doors in office buildings. Most people will think you paid to put them there.

Which ones will you try? Let me know in comments below.


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Author: Gail Oliver, Online Small Business Consultant

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4 thoughts on “3 Creative Ideas To Circulate Your Business Card”

  1. I haven’t tried to do the things you’ve suggested, and I especially like the magnet. When sending orders I always include my business card which has a coupon code on the back, and this weekend I did a local upscale market to sell stuff, yes, but also to circulate my business card with a special coupon code in the hopes that at least a couple of people would visit my shop. I also like the complimentary shop idea! Thanks so much-these are great tips

  2. I recently went to a networking party and received an array of attractive business cards. I think a magnetic business card is a great idea because you can put it on a file cabinet or fridge.

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