3 Popular Blogs That Have Marketplaces For Online Sellers

by Gail Oliver, Small Business Marketing Consultant

More and more blogs are realizing the power they have over their large and dedicated readership and are using this for other revenue opportunities, such as selling your products. Here are three well-known blogs offering marketplaces:



Houzz is the most popular blog for decorating and home improvement ideas. With 14 million readers, Houzz offers their own marketplace, where visitors can buy home decor products right from the Houzz site. In fact, many of these products are even worked into editorial, such as Houzz’s current series on Holiday Gift Ideas, shown above. If you are a vendor you can apply to have your products sold in the marketplace. There are no listing fees, Houzz simply handles the monetary transaction and sends you the order to fulfill. The transaction fee they charge is a steep 15% but that does include the credit card transaction fee.



This popular lifestyle blog supports handmade shops in a big way. In Poppytalk’s marketplace, buyers are sent right to the vendor’s online shop, so there is no cut taken from the sale, just a very reasonable $60 per month fee. Why is Poppytalk such as big deal? Because they also happen to be one of the most popular pinners on Pinterest with over 8 million followers, and they do pin products from their marketplace to their boards. $60 a month to reach 8 million people, that’s a pretty good return.



Refinery29 is a well-known fashion and beauty blog that has recently expanded into home, food and travel. They have a marketplace that showcases items that typically have been featured in their editorial, with products from large retailers to Etsy shops. The interested buyer is still taken directly to the vendor to purchase, but Refinery29 does take a percentage of the sale. And they do promote these products on their Facebook page to their 700,000+ fans.

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Author: Gail Oliver, Online Small Business Consultant

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