3 Social Media Marketing Ideas To Try During the Sochi Olympics

by G.B. Oliver

Here are three social media marketing ideas for your small business that you need to implement ASAP, to take advantage of all the trending Olympic coverage.


1. “Like” the Facebook Page of Your Country’s Olympic Team

social media marketing ideas olympics

Their posts will now appear in your Facebook news feed and you can comment on them and join in on the conversation. Don’t mention your business, just show patriotic spirit and your avatar and business name will get seen by other fans and commenters.

2. Send Tweets with the Trending Olympic Hash Tags

social media marketing ideas olympics

This is another great way to get visibility for your business as people read these tweets. The more creative your tweet is, the more likely it will be read and retweeted. Make sure to change your Twitter trends to your country to see what is currently popular.

3. Comment on Olympic Pins

marketing ideas social media olympics

Olympic coverage is big on Pinterest right now, with pins getting re-pinned hundreds of times. Comment on the really popular ones (or pin one yourself) and get seen by thousands of people. Just type “Olympics” or “Sochi” in search to find these pins.

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Author: Gail Oliver, Online Small Business Consultant

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