Quick & Easy SEO Marketing Tips for Your Small Business

by G.B. Oliver, Small Business Marketing Consultant

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is one of the most important marketing aspects of the online business. But not everyone can afford to hire SEO services. The big retailers can, so lucky for you, your online business can “borrow” a few quick and easy tips from them.

Title Tags

Your site’s title tag (the descriptive line that appears in the browser bar at the top when people land on your home page) is very important to be found in Google. So be specific as to how people search.

A lot of times when people are searching for an item, they will use words like “buy” or “for sale” as part of their search phrase.

For example, take a look at Apple’s title tag for their online store:

seo tips and tricks small business

Notice the use of the word “buy” and then listing their products by their exact name.

Sometimes, putting a key feature of your business that people search on, works as well.

For example, take a look at FTD’s title tag for their online store:

small business seo tips

FTD knows that “same day flower delivery” is not only a popular request, but a popular search phrase.

Section Title Tags

Sections or category title tags are also important to be keyworded correctly for SEO. When it comes to your site’s sections or categories, again, load up the title tag with as many possible search phrases as possible that you offer.

For example, take a look at Gap’s category title tag for “jeans”:

seo tips for small businesses (1)

Women don’t search “jeans“, they search a specific type, and Gap has it covered in their section title tag.

Another good example, Asos.com’s category title tag for “earrings”:

easy seo tips and tricks-1

Take a look at top sites in your segment, then take a look at popular search phrases and see how you can maximize the SEO of your title tags and section title tags.

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Author: Gail Oliver, Online Small Business Consultant

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