How to Get Your Business Noticed on Pinterest Using Long Pins

by Gail Oliver, Small Business Marketing Consultant

I’m sure you have read many times, that some of the most repinned pins on Pinterest (say that three times) are long pins. Because Pinterest has a vertical display, long pins that take up several rows tend to get noticed more, and the more noticed, the more repinned.

Create Long Pins That are Timely & Informative

long pins on pinterest examples

Timely or informative content always does well on social media. The last pin here is actually one I did for Burnett’s Boards two years ago when the whole “which Disney princess are you?” was trending high on social media. It is so long I can’t show it all here (just click on the graphic to go to my Pinterest board), but in two years Burnett’s Boards has seen her Pinterest followers increase from 500 to over 135,000, and her blog is now one of the top 50 wedding blogs. This pin definitely helped get the ball rolling.

Create Long Pins That Are Collections, Tutorials & Guides

pinterest long pins marketing tips

Pins that act as a reference, guide or tutorial with always get “liked” and “repinned” because it is information people want to hold onto. It is also a good way to establish your business as an expert in its field.

Create Long Pins To Show Many of Your Products at Once

pinterest marketing tips small business

Try and think of creative ways to show as many of your products as possible in one pin, like the companies above. Again, whether you are offering advice or just an interesting photographic representation, these pins can have a long life on social media.

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