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by Gail Oliver, Small Business Marketing Consultant is an online wedding dress boutique. They wanted to get more traffic to their shop, so I came up with a creative way to use Instagram to help them get seen by their target market.

instagram contest

Instagram is an incredibly popular photo phone app/social networking site, and #selfies (photos you take of yourself) are all over the news, including a song on the radio. So I came up with an idea for to run a contest for new brides to submit a selfie that captures the excitement of their engagement.

The key is that entrants have to tag the selfie with the very creative hash tag, #JustGotEngagedSelfie (creating your own inventive hash tag is important to get seen on Instagram) as well as with the hash tag #mintbridal. Entrants must also follow on Instagram. The bride whose photo has the most likes by May 31, 2014 wins a wedding dress of her choice from MintBridal.

Why This Instagram Contest Makes Sense

  • The first thing the majority of brides do once they get engaged is buy the dress, so it is critical for to get to brides that are newly engaged. This contest will do that.
  •’s target market is predominantly women in their 20s, a demographic that dominates Instagram.
  • The bride’s photo with the most “likes” wins, so in order to do that, she has to share this selfie with all of her Instagram followers to get votes. This means the #mintbridal hash tag gets seen by more people and hopefully brings new traffic and visitors to their Instagram page and online shop.

How to Promote the Contest

  • To get the word out about the contest, I sent a press release to a variety of media contacts, including newspapers, wedding media and women’s lifestyle media.
  • Instagram also has an email address where you can tell them about the contest and they may promote it as well.
  • We submitted the contest to various online media that will mention contests and sweepstakes for free.
  • We also mentioned the contest on social media such as Twitter and Google+ and created a special graphic for Pinterest, seen above, using hash tags such as #contest #win #Instagram.
  • MintBridal also ran a Facebook newsfeed ad targeting newly engaged brides in the US and Canada.

I will let you know the success of the contest in the coming months. If you think an Instagram contest might be right for your business, just make sure to check out Instagram’s rules on their website first.

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Author: Gail Oliver, Online Small Business Consultant

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