Trying to Launch a Beauty Products Line? Check out Gloss48

Written by Gail Oliver, Small Business Marketing Consultant

I came across an interesting e-commerce marketplace called Gloss48. The reason I found them was because I was on another site that had a product with the label “Discovered through Gloss48” (seen below). Good marketing!

Screen shot 2014-05-01 at 1.46.31 PM

Here is how Gloss48 works. They search out and find the best new independent beauty brands, feature them at a special launch price for one week, and then bring them into their shop.

This is a curated shopping experience where customers are getting an expert opinion so they don’t waste their money on products that may not live up to their claims.

For independent beauty brands, this makes the selling process much faster and easier because Gloss48 is essentially endorsing your product as well as selling it for you. 

how to sell beauty products

Gloss48 has covered all their bases. In addition to the shop, they also have a very informative blog that reads like a beauty magazine, as well as a variety of video tutorials. Gloss48 has managed to create a specialized niche marketplace that links together the three popular forces in the online world – ecommerce, blogging and social media.

I think this is where the e-commerce market is heading. Curated marketplaces that help you make informed buying decisions, and at the same time give an audience to new, undiscovered, and possibly more affordable brands.

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Author: Gail Oliver, Online Small Business Consultant

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1 thought on “Trying to Launch a Beauty Products Line? Check out Gloss48”

  1. Gloss48 is amazing! I recently submitted my new line of nail polish for consideration and had a phone chat with a member of their team today. They are so nice and easy to work with. I do have a few tips I’d like to share with your readers if that’s okay. 🙂

    – Plan ahead. They arrange features in advance. Poppy nail polishes will be featured in July and August, so that’s about a 2-3 month wait for placement on their website.

    – Currently, they have a revenue share payment arrangement, and you are the dropshipper, so keep that in mind when considering. However, they arrange for product copy, marketing, and partner with influencers so they really promote your brand.

    – Eye catching, white background photos with minimal distractions are a must!

    – You will need to send samples of any product you want to feature. A perk of this, though, is that they will test and rave about these samples on their blog and in any relevant beauty videos.

    So far I am loving how things are going with Gloss48, and I can’t wait to see my products featured there this summer. If you have a beauty brand, I would definitely recommend getting in touch with them right away. Good luck!

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