You’ll Sell More If Your Product Photos Show Solutions to Customers’ Problems

by Gail Oliver

I have written before about how to Up-sell More of Your Products Using Vignette-Style Photos, and How to Make a Photo Sell Your Products, but I wanted to give you an example of a photo that got me to buy.

I saw these framed letters at Ballard Designs recently and thought they were nice, but felt that I had no need. Then I saw the second photo on their design blog. I had been looking for something to fill up a long narrow wall in my home and this was the perfect solution. But as a customer, I had walked away initially because I didn’t understand right away how I could use these letters. Not only does the second photo solve the decor dilemma I was having, but they just sold 4 instead of 1.

How to Take Effective Product Photos



Product Photo tipsHow to Get a Product Photo That Solves a Problem

As I have mentioned many times in my consultations and ebooks, not everyone is decorating savvy or fashion savvy or immediately understands why they need your product. Sometimes a visual that creates a need and/or solves a problem works a lot better than words. For example:

  • If you are selling décor products, think of a decorating dilemma (what to do with a long narrow wall)
  • If you are selling fashion, think of a fashion dilemma (what to wear to a wedding)
  • If you are selling kids products, think of a parent’s dilemma (is this product safe for my kids)
  • If you are selling vintage products, think of a buyer’s dilemma (will this work with my current décor or wardrobe)
  • If you are selling food products, think of a cook’s dilemma (how can I use this in tonight’s dinner)
  • If you are selling wedding products, think of a bride’s dilemma (will it make my wedding more unique)
  • If you are selling gadgets, think of a buyer’s dilemma (how will it make my life easier)
  • If you are selling pet products, think of a pet owner’s dilemma (is it durable enough for my big dog)
  • If you are selling beauty products, think of women’s most common dilemmas (will I look better)

And now think of a photo that will immediately capture the solution to this dilemma.

PLEASE NOTE: One of my clients, Shed, The Eclectic Home, also sells the above prints in her online shop.

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Author: Gail Oliver, Online Small Business Consultant

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