Why Polyvore is a Marketing Goldmine for Ecommerce Shops … and Not Just For Fashion

by Gail Oliver

Polyvore is a social media shopping site that has been around for a while, in fact, I have been recommending it to my clients for a few years. In its origins, members would create “sets” of fashion outfits typically on a certain style or theme. These sets include links to buy the items shown directly from the online shop they appear on.

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Polyvore has grown significantly since its early days and now you will see sets for every type of product – beauty, weddings, entertaining, decor, home goods, babies & kids, vintage and even local shopping.

Polyvore Marketing Tips

The target market is definitely women, as females make up 74% of the readership, and they are shoppers as their statistics show that their readers are 84% more likely to have shopped online for clothes, shoes or accessories in the last 30 days than the average online consumer.

Polyvore marketing ideas

If your products fit into one of the categories mentioned, you should definitely set up a profile on Polyvore. Like all social media, once you set up a profile (which includes a link to your ecommerce shop) you can now follow other Polyvore members, like and comment on posts, and curate your own sets. But unlike other social media, Polyvore also has an editorial staff that posts original content, and this poses further promotional opportunities for ecommerce shops.

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These opportunities include the inclusion of your products in their online shop as well as having your products receive higher prominence in editorial, streaming, and set creation by others. But to take advantage of these opportunities, you need to purchase one of their native ad packages.

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If you simply want to add your products to Polyvore for possible inclusion in curated sets, all you have to do is add their clipper tool or Polyvore button to your tool bar and then click it for each listing you wish to add. Some top retailers like Delias and Shop Ruche, have already added a Polyvore button directly to their listings, the same way as you have a Pin It icon.

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If members create a set that includes one of your products, it can drive significant traffic to your online store due to the fact that Polyvore has over 20 million unique monthly visitors, and its sets are a staple on Pinterest and other social media.

how to sell on polyvore

There is a lot you can do with this free product exposure by creating sets that are out of the ordinary or based on trending topics (such as 4th of July above), complete with magazine style headlines and textual content. As I mentioned in last week’s post, you could create sets that solve problems customers may be having, such as “How to Create a Nautical Theme Nursery?” or “Which Products are Best for Dry Skin?“. You can even try running a contest to get your customers to create sets on your behalf, or you could collaborate with sellers of complimentary but not competing products to create sets that expose your products to their followers and vice versa.

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Polyvore truly combines the best of social media, blogging and ecommerce, so it is definitely a marketing tool worth utilizing.

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Author: Gail Oliver, Online Small Business Consultant

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