My Marketing Insider Tips for October

by Gail Oliver, Small Business Marketing Consultant

I have been swamped with clients so I have been absent from my blog for a week and I also will not be getting out my October Insider Report as a result. Bad for me, but good for you as I will give you just a snippet of what I was planning to cover here.

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New Selling Opportunities 

  • Major retailers continue to look to indie designers to enhance their product lines. Retailer Club Monaco recently launched a new accessories line called The Pieces with jewelry and hand bags from indie designers. Think about retailers whose brand suits your offerings and approach them with an idea similar to this one. What have you got to lose?
  • Lucky magazine will no longer be publishing as a print magazine, however, they will be re-launching in the spring as an e-commerce site in a merger with Beachmint, and are currently sourcing merchandise including from smaller indie brands. If you are in fashion, you may want to try to make contact with the buyers for this new site.
  • The wedding social site,, has now evolved into an e-commerce site. will showcase your products to potential brides but send customers directly to your online shop. This new redesign of the site has caused their traffic to increase by 450% in the last three months. It is becoming the one stop shop for all things wedding, so if you sell wedding products or even have a wedding blog (as they will promote that as well), you will want to look into a partnership with

Social Media News

  • Twitter has begun testing a “Buy” button that allows people to make purchases directly from a tweet.  Twitter says that purchases will only take a few taps on the screen, and your credit card information can be stored for future purchases to facilitate purchases even further. I have always felt that Twitter is better for business to business marketing, but if this proves successful with the stores that are currently testing it, you may want to ramp up your Twitter account.
  • Are you following those new interest sections on Pinterest? Basically it takes the main category boards and narrows them down so you can get topic-specific pins in your home feed. What this means for small business owners is, for example, if your target market is pregnant women, you can go over to the “Kids” category and follow the “Pregnancy” board, which has over 154,000 followers. The pins that appear here are going right into the feed of these followers, so it is a great place to add a comment to the pins and have your business potentially get seen by your target market. 
  • Top Google searches for Pinterest this month: Pinterest Fall Outfits, Pinterest Food and Drink, Pinterest Humor Cats, Pinterest Quotes About Love, Pinterest HairStyles, Pinterest DIY Crafts – do you have boards named as such?

Hot Trends for Spring 2015

  • September was all about fashion, with the Spring 2015 shows starting in New York, then London, then Milan and finally Paris. Here are the top fashion trends for spring 2015, that will also carry over into the home, wedding and kids’ markets: gingham, floral prints, fabric made of art prints, pleats, ruffles. plaid, denim and the color blue in every vibrant shade.

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Author: Gail Oliver, Online Small Business Consultant

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