Creative Signage Ideas to Draw Attention to Your Small Business

by Gail Oliver, Marketing Consultant

I was watching an old Shark Tank episode last night, and it featured a pitch by a company that sells sign waving machines. So instead of hiring people to stand at the side of the road waving a sign for your business (if you are having a sale or special event), this is actually an automated spinning sign that does just that.

Screen shot 2014-11-19 at 2.18.09 PMFour of the sharks were quickly out, but shark Lori Greiner made an offer because she felt the moving signs would be great for lagging retail stores. Then the four other sharks changed their mind, suddenly seeing its potential for eye-catching signage at open houses (real estate), sporting events, and more.

While I personally like it when companies think outside the box and try something new with an old medium, I do worry that once the novelty wears off, sign waving machines may join the balloons, flags, air dancers, giant inflatables, and people in costumes that also try to attention the attention of passersbys.

But it did get me thinking about a business’ signage and whether your signage is effectively getting you noticed.

Is Your Business Signage Effective?

Here are  some questions that you need to answer “yes” to, if you really want to have effective signage:

  • Is your sign visible from the road?
  • Is it readable from the road?
  • Is it well-lit at night?
  • Do you have signage on top of the building?
  • Does your signage project out from the building as well?
  • Do you have signage or text on your windows?
  • Do you use your business’ landscaping to display additional signage?
  • Do you use sidewalk sandwich board signs?
  • Do you use neon signs?
  • Do you have an awning with signage?

Screen shot 2014-11-19 at 11.01.17 AM

Some Creative Ideas for Signage

If permitted by the by-laws where your business is located, here are some creative signage ideas to consider:

  • Try putting signage down the road from your business, to create anticipation i.e. Sunflower Cafe, just 60 feet ahead
  • Add seasonal and holiday decor to your regular signage, such as a garland or wreath
  • Add a probe light or blinking light to signage to garner attention at night
  • Consider having parts of your sign move, such as a hand waving
  • Consider a video screen as signage (think Times Square in New York) that can constantly change
  • Consider signage that has a digital display below for company announcements, the time and the weather
  • In the warmer months, carve your business’ name into a hedge or the grass

Don’t just put up a sign. Think of new ways to really draw attention to your business.

Hope you liked today’s post! …. ’til next time, Gail 

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Author: Gail Oliver, Online Small Business Consultant

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