5 Creative Marketing Ideas If You Sell Kids and Baby Products

by Gail Oliver, Online Small Business Consultant

Do you sell kids and/or baby products? Did you know that Packaged Facts has valued the current baby, toddler and preschool market at $20 billion US. That is large enough for you to grab a small piece of that market and still have a very viable business.

Getting your products in front of parents is obviously a key component to finding success in this market. Below are just a few of the creative ideas from my e-book, Marketing Ideas for Your Online Kids & Baby Products Shop to inspire you.



5 Marketing Ideas If You Sell Kids & Baby Products

  1. All the major pregnancy magazines have a regular feature in every issue where they recommend baby products for a new mom to choose for her baby registry. Approach the writer or editor of this section with one or more of your products for consideration.
  2. You know those window shades that people put in their car’s backseat window to keep the sun off of a baby? They present a great advertising opportunity if you put your shop name and url on one. Consider giving them out as promotional items to customers as well, to extend your advertising reach even further.
  3. If you have a blog that accompanies your online shop, simply approach another blogger that also targets parents and swap out ad space on your blog for ad space on theirs. If this is not an option, ask if they will at least swap blog rolls (links to their favorite sites).
  4. Do a search on Twitter and follow anyone who has the words “mommy blogger” in their profile description. Retweet their tweets or give them a shout out so they take notice of you (and your products).
  5. One way to get publicity for your store or products is to create a promotional piece that capitalizes on a popular event or an anniversary. For example, 2017 is the 50th anniversary of Disney’s The Jungle Book movie. So create a jungle-related product that you can pitch as part of a story to parenting magazines, such as, “Celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Disney’s The Jungle Book with these Jungle-Themed Products”.

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Author: Gail Oliver, Online Small Business Consultant

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