90 Small Business Marketing Ideas for November

by Gail Oliver, Online Consultant

For many businesses, especially e-commerce and retail, November is one of the biggest sales month of the year. So you really need to get seen in order to take advantage of all of those buying dollars!

With my November Marketing Planner, I give you three promotional tactics to do every day, including several exclusive “insider” secrets that I don’t mention on my blog. Here is just a sneak peek of the 90 marketing and promotional tactics that are in my November planner that will really help drive traffic to your business:

  • November is Movember, where men grow moustaches in support of men’s health issues. If your business is doing anything to support the cause, it is a good time to mention it, and you will also see lots of moustaches trending on social media.MARKETING IDEAS NOVEMBER
  • Literally everyone will be at the shopping mall on Black Friday (the day after the US Thanksgiving holiday). So leave flyers for your business on every car at as many malls around town as possible.
  • This month is Small Business Saturday (November 28th). At very least, approach a local, successful but non-competitive business and ask if they will leave your business cards beside their cash, just for Small Business Saturday. In return, you will publicly thank them for their support to all of your social media followers and customers.
  • National Donut Day (November 5th) always trends big on social media so tweet out your favorite donut and be sure to tag the brand (i.e. @DunkinDonuts) so that maybe the brand will retweet to all of their followers.
  • Want to get noticed on Pinterest? Comment on every popular pin that has to do with, “How to Cook a Turkey” in the days leading up to the US Thanksgiving holiday as that will be what everyone will be searching on.
  • In terms of pop culture, there are a few events that will definitely trend big on social media this month, including the release of the second part of the movie, Mocking Jay, as well as the release of One Direction’s latest CD, #madeintheam.
  • Did you know that there are 20 different ways to list your small business on Google? This month I provide you the link to make sure you’ve covered all your bases with the search engine.

November marketing calendarWant the other 83 tips and tactics for November? Get my Monthly Marketing Planner available now for download at Gumroad.com. Your business will love it!

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Author: Gail Oliver, Online Small Business Consultant

I'm Gail Oliver, an online marketing consultant. Welcome to my blog, chosen one of the Top 10 Small Business Blogs to Follow in 2014 by American Express Open Forum. If you need help with your e-commerce business, be sure to see MY SERVICES, above.

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  1. Thank you for the marketing tips Gail……love your product descriptions by the way. They still get the most views out of all my listings. I update some of the product pictures but keep your titles & tags which seemed to be google optimized. Thanks agani, Brenad

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