My Marketing Tips for the Week of February 2nd – Groundhog Day Edition

by Gail Oliver, Online Marketing Consultant

Happy Groundhog day! Expect to see lots of trending hash tags such as, #GroundhogDag #earlyspring #sixmoreweeksofwinter and #ghd2016. The coming week also offering some great opportunities for promoting your online shop.


Superbowl Week

It will be everything Superbowl this week. On the day of the game Twitter will be busy with score updates, talk about amazing plays and of course reviews of the #HalftimeShow (it’s #Coldplay #HalftimeShowColdplay). Interact with your customers this week by posting your best recipes and party décor ideas. #Superbowl #SuperBowlCity #SuperBowl50 weekend #SuperBowlAds #SuperBowlCommercials.

UK Mother’s Day

A big selling opportunity for shops that ship to the UK and the Republic of Ireland is Mothering Sunday on March 6th. The UK’s equivalent to Mother’s Day, people are typically looking for the same types of gifts for moms, although it is a Christian holiday coinciding with the fourth Sunday in Lent.

Product Names That Get Press

I have spoken extensively in my marketing ebooks about how the quirky and unusual always gets press. On that thinking, Target has just released their first nail polish line, called Defy & Inspire, and they decided to name the 38 shades after popular titles and phrases from Reality TV. Shade names such as Final Rose, Bachelorette, Toddlers & Tiaras, You’re Fired, Tribal Council, Real Housewife – just to name a few. The quirky names were definitely enough to get them early press from all the major fashion blogs and magazines, so we’ll see how they use these names to also maximize their exposure on social media.

Creative Trends for 2016

Shutterstock released a report covering the top 2016 Creative Trends and I highly recommend you check out the infographic. When you get to “Visual Trends” be sure to click on the actual trend name to see examples. For those of you selling online, you will notice that the “Flay Lay” photography trend is more popular than ever and not just on Instagram.

Trending This Week

  • February 3 – National Carrot Cake Day, #WednesdayWanderlust
  • February 4 – #ThursdayThoughts
  • February 5 – National Wear Red Day
  • February 6 – #SaturdayKitchen
  • February 7 – Superbowl, National Send a Card to a Friend Day
  • February 8 – #MotivationMonday, Chinese New Year (year of the monkey)
  • February 9 – Mardi Gras, Fat Tuesday, National Pizza Day

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