My Marketing Tips for the Week of March 1st – Zootopia Edition

by Gail Oliver, Online Marketing Consultant

Happy first day of March! Here is my marketing to do list for the week for your online shop.



Upcoming PR Opportunities

You should be sending out publicity pitches to blogs and other online media this week for Easter and Passover editorial (décor, entertaining), Earth Day editorial (if you have eco-friendly products) and Mother’s Day gift guides. Remember, don’t submit products that are too cheap for the Mother’s Day gift guides as the average amount people spend is $162. For print editorial, magazines are working on their July issues so products pertaining to summer fashion, decorating, travel, outdoor living, and so forth, plus any patriotic theme products for Fourth of July articles (just so you know, I cover how and what to pitch to the media in much more detail in my ebooks).

Hot Trends

The color tangerine was so hot at the Oscars that I covered it yesterday at, so expect the color to be a big trend this spring and summer. If you are in the baby and kids market, the movie Zootopia is coming out this week and it will make bunnies and foxes the hot animals in kids wear and décor. In home decor, tropical themes are big, including palm trees, pineapples and monkeys.

Free Trial

I’m offering free advertising trials on my shopping blog, as I am still in the launch phase. If you are interested, contact me. Preference is being given to my current customers as well as shops that have superior photography and range of products.

New App To Determine Etsy Tags & Photos

If you are an Etsy shop, one of my customers has developed a new app that runs automated tests to determine your optimal tags and photos (in terms of customers’ response). They are working with a limited number of sellers for free during their beta stage. To sign up, visit

Followers on Social Media

Do you regularly go through your followers’ list on all of your social media sites and follow back? You should, otherwise they might stop following you and you need followers to share your content. Plus, if they are a potential customer it looks like you care. Now, don’t follow back anyone who is an objectionable site, but I personally follow back anyone who follows me so be sure to follow me using the icons at the top of the page (unless you’re a porn site, sorry).

Trending This Week

Just so you understand why I post these trending days each week, it is because they are always an opportunity to get seen by a larger audience. For example, one time I tweeted out how much I liked the cover of Martha Stewart’s latest magazine and she retweeted my tweet. Another time I complimented a product from Pottery Barn and they not only shared the post but started following me. So, for National Cereal Day, it can’t hurt to post/tweet your favorite cereal, tag the brand and see what happens. People love to share compliments!

  • March 1 – #NationalPeanutButterLoversDay, #NationalPigDay
  • March 2 – #NationalReadAcrossAmerica, Paris Fashion Week
  • March 3 – #ThursdayFunday
  • March 4 – Movie Zootopia opens
  • March 5 – #satchat
  • March 6 – #NationalOreoCookieDay
  • March 7 – #NationalCerealDay
  • March 8 – #NationalPancakeDay
  • March 9 – Total Solar Eclipse

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Author: Gail Oliver, Online Small Business Consultant

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