12 Creative Ideas for Your Farmers Market Booth

by Gail Oliver, Online Marketing Consultant

If you have a booth at farmers’ and artisan markets this summer, here are some of my creative ways to get potential customers to find your booth, stop at your booth and, hopefully, buy! Now, not all of these ideas may be allowed at certain venues, so read their rules handbook first before you incorporate any of these ideas.


12 Creative Farmers Market Booth Ideas

  1. Signage is ultra important for your farmers market booth. You need a banner for the top of the booth canopy (something waterproof and durable) that has your shop name and tagline, as well as signage as a backdrop for the booth (shop name at eye level), and smaller signs on the posts. Ask the venue if you are allowed to also have sidewalk sandwich boards positioned on the ground at each corner of the booth, so they can be seen by traffic coming from each direction.
  2. Have free samples and/or testers available (if relevant to what you are selling). Always give a free sample to someone who does buy a product in order to try and up-sell other products. At very least, give everyone a business card with a coupon code stamped on the back to use for future purchases at your online shop.
  3. Consider a small attraction at the booth that will get people to stop, such as spinning a prize wheel to get a certain percentage off purchase, free gift, etc.
  4. Have a photo op at your booth like a creative photo cutout where people put their head through the hole and take a picture. Make sure it has your shop’s name on it and encourage them to share the photo on social media to get your shop name seen by their followers. You can get customized cutouts at Shindigz.com for less than $50 that are vertical and wouldn’t take up a lot of space.
  5. Swap business cards with at least 5 other non competitors at the farmers market (but target the same customer) and ask that they put your business card in the packages of their customers and you will do the same for them.
  6. Put customers’ purchases in large paper shopping bags that clearly show your shop name, tagline (so they know what you sell) and booth number.
  7. Have an employee walk around the farmers market handing out business cards, directing people to your booth. Stamp the booth number on the back of the card.
  8. Collect emails of customers and potential customers by hosting a product giveaway whereby people put a ballot with their name and email address into a box for a draw at the end of the day.
  9. On your tables, display your products in tiered levels, not all flat on the table, so that people can see your range of products as they walk by.
  10. Invest in tablecloths that cover the entire table (height and width). This allows you to store more product under the table (you never want to run low on inventory and have an empty looking table) and it can act as additional signage if you print your shop name on the fabric.
  11. Follow the farmers market on all social media sites and promote your presence there a few days prior, including tagging the market itself in hopes of a share. For example, this would be a good Tweet: “Visit us this weekend, booth #21, at the Marlboro Farmers Markets @marlborofarmersmarket”
  12. Explore all vendor opportunities each Farmers Market gives to its sellers (and even suggest some ideas to them), such as optimal booth positioning, free signage, free advertising, free mentions on social media and so forth.

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Author: Gail Oliver, Online Small Business Consultant

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