3 Product Trends Likely to Emerge in 2017

by Gail Oliver, Online Marketing Consultant

I’m going to predict three product trends that I think will emerge this year, maybe one you can take advantage of.

3 Product Trends Likely to Emerge This Year

  1. An increase in demand for “pride” and “identity” products. Whether it is for women, certain nationalities, various rights and freedoms, you will see an increase in positive message conveying products for different segments of the population. For example, thanks to last week’s Women’s March, “pussyhats” is a popular search on Etsy.
  2. An increase in demand for relaxation and stress relief products. Turbulent times mean people seek out other ways to find comfort and deal with stress. A fidget cube stress reliever is currently one of the top selling products on Amazon.
  3. An increase in demand for products made in one’s own country. All of this talk of free trade is a reminder of how important it is to support products made in your city and/or country. There has been a notable rise in searches on Etsy and Amazon for “made in …” products, so step up your marketing efforts to your local customer base.

Hot Tips This Month

In my 2017 E-Commerce Marketing Plan (or Etsy Plan) I told you that in January people would be shopping for:

February birthdays, Valentine’s day gifts, Superbowl, Mardi Gras, after Christmas sales, fitness/dieting, winter items and gifts for themselves (diamond ring sales skyrocket in January).

If you haven’t gotten my plan yet, you are missing out on critical buying opportunities that happen each month. In my plan, I also told you that January was the month to send out product submissions to print media for June editorial such as Father’s Day gift ideas, teacher gift ideas, organizational products, gardening products, summer decor, summer fashion, summer beauty, outdoor products and weddings.

So, don’t miss out on any more hot tips that will help drive sales at your online shop! Download my 2017 E-Commerce Marketing Plan or 2017 Etsy Shop Marketing Plan

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Author: Gail Oliver, Online Small Business Consultant

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