Where to Sell Your Products Online

by Gail Oliver, Online Small Business Consultant

I have added a permanent page to my blog for your reference. It is called 50 Online Marketplaces where you can sell your products online, and, as the title says, it includes links to 50 online selling sites.

50 Online Marketplaces to Sell Your Products at from Attention Getting Marketing
50 Online Marketplaces to Sell Your Products at from Attention Getting Marketing

Some of these sites sell all types of products (Etsy, Amazon), whereas others specialize in art (Society6), clothing (Not Just a Label), vintage clothing (As0s), food (Artizone), kids (Buy Baby Buy) and home decor (Houzz).

Some are regular marketplaces (11 Main), some are auction sites (eBay) and some are flash sale sites (One Kings Lane). Hopefully you can find the one(s) that are right for what you sell.

Now, things are always changing in the online e-commerce world, so you may see some of these sites merge in the future. There have been rumours that Wayfair might take an interest in CustomMade and Alibaba (that owns 11 Main) has invested in Zulily, so who knows.

Please note that I did not include businesses like Shopify and BigCommerce as these are considered e-commerce solutions.

Be sure to share this list with your fellow sellers on social media!

Till next time, Gail

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Will Alibaba’s New Online Marketplace, 11 Main, Change the Ecommerce Market?

by Gail Oliver, Small Business Marketing Consultant

In the ever-growing online marketplace, there is yet another new competitor, except they are not really new.

Opening later this month is 11 Main, owned by China ecommerce giant Alibaba, looking to take a share of the US ecommerce and online retail marketplace, projected to be $370 billion by 2017 (according to Forrester Research).

New Alibaba marketplace 11 Main

What is 11 Main

11 Main wants to re-create the shopping experience found on Main Streets across the United States, so it will be featuring unique, specialty-type shops. The categories of goods they will offer include Fashion & Style, Home & Outdoor, Jewelry & Watches, Baby & Kids, Collecting & Art, Crafts, Hobbies and Toys. And yes, this is for US sellers only.

How to Be a Seller on 11 Main

Currently to be a seller on 11 Main,  it is by invitation only (they initially hand-picked some top eBay sellers to join), but you can apply on their site. 11 Main will be taking 3.5% of the sale (similar to Etsy, much lower than eBay or Amazon), but no other fees have been mentioned. They have listed their selling guidelines, and it is obviously they want this to be a clean, streamlined, professional looking marketplace.

Alibaba is Big in E-Commerce

In China, Alibaba has always been considered a mix of eBay and Amazon. It controls 80% of e-commerce in China and has applied to go public on the New York Stock Exchange this year, estimated to give the company a value of $100 to $200 billion.

11 Main is being run from offices in San Mateo, California, with seasoned e-commerce executives recruited from eBay, PayPal and Wal-Mart

It looks like 11 Main has everything in their favor to be successful. Let me know your thoughts about this new online competitor.

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Great.ly Combines Indie Products with Popular Bloggers in a New Online Marketplace

by Gail Oliver, Small Business Marketing Consultant

Can indie products + referrals from popular bloggers = online success? Great.ly hopes so.

curated online marketplaces

I actually discovered this new curated online marketplace from one of the popular blogs that has a shop there, Cool Mom Picks. Another popular wedding blog, Green Wedding Shoes, also has a boutique there. Essentially bloggers become tastemakers, open up their own curated shop on Great.ly and fill it with their favorite products from indie makers. It is affiliate marketing, but done in a more stylish/seamless way.

How Does Great.ly Work?

As an indie shop selling on Great.ly, you will always get paid the wholesale price (50%) when your product sells.

If one of Great.ly’s tastemakers adds your products to their curated shop, and it sells, then they earn retail markup revenue. Their revenue varies on whether the sale came from traffic from their site, or the Great.ly landing page, or from another shop, so it is worthwhile for the bloggers/tastemakers to expose your products to their targeted audience.

Also, your products can be in more than one tastemakers’ boutique, widening your exposure. There are no other fees and the indie shop is responsible for shipping all product.

curated online marketplaces great.ly

Types of Products Great.ly Features

Right now the types of products on Great.ly include home, kids and fashion accessories. There are currently over 65 tastemaker boutiques and hundreds of products listed.

If you are interested in selling on Great.ly, you can apply here.

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AHAlife is a Curated Marketplace Where the Sellers Get the Spotlight

by G.B. Oliver

AHAlife is a curated marketplace with products for men, women, home, beauty, dining and tech from independent brands and may be an option for your products.


Focuses on the Brand

There are some great products featured in this marketplace, but what I really loved about AHAlife’s approach is their focus on the brands and the companies behind them.

ahalife online marketplaceEvery product listing includes a short writeup about the company at the bottom (you can click on a link to get more information) as well as shows other products in their line. On the home page, you can see the top 5 selling products, as well as the top 5 selling brands. They really make an effort to help the sellers carve out an identity in their marketplace.

Case in point, you can visually search through the various brands’ shop images, to quickly discover a company that you may not have found if searching by product.

ahalife marketplace online

So AHAlife isn’t about just setting up a shop and selling stuff. It’s about allowing indie sellers to establish a brand, a product line, a company and an identity, and that is what you should aspire for if you are serious about the products you create and want a customer base that will be loyal to your brand and recommend you to others.

Indie sellers can apply to have their products sold in the AHAlife marketplace, or recommend products, here.

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Enter Shopify’s $50,000 Build a Business Contest

by G.B. Oliver

If you were thinking of starting an online business, but were hesitating, Shopify is offering you a great incentive to do so, to the tune of $50,000.

In conjunction with the Huffington Post (the most widely read blog on the Internet), Shopify is once again running their Build-A-Business competition and giving away over $500,000 in cash, prizes and mentorship from some pretty big names in their fields, including Mark Cuban and Arianna Huffington. All you have to do is create a Shopify store and sell the most products.


The Prizes

Just for entering the Build-A-Business competition, you’ll receive a free .CO domain for 12 months and $100 in advertising from Google AdWords.  The 9 winning shops will get $50,000 in cash as well as a consultation with the mentor for your industry, as well as a complete Shopify package, including iPad. Last year over 10,000 stores competed, up from 3,000 the year before. To enter, your store cannot have opened prior to  June 1, 2013.

Who is Shopify?

Shopify is the leading e-commerce software/online store builder, and they just happen to be based in Ottawa like myself. However, due to Canadian legalities, Canadian companies are only eligible to win a $10,000 Apple Gift card, a trip to New York to meet with their mentor and a complete Shopify package, including iPad. Still not a bad deal because you will also gets lots of press and industry exposure.

If you decide to enter the contest let me know. I’ll even give you some free marketing tips!

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3 Social Shopping Sites Your Online Shop Should Be On

by G.B. Oliver

Social shopping sites are basically a curation of products that the members of the site promote (for free) and if you see something you like, clicking on the product takes you directly to the retailer. They are not independent selling marketplaces like Etsy, where you purchase the product directly on the sitebut rather FREE promotional sites, more in the vein of Pinterest.

Here are three social shopping sites you should consider if you are an independent shop selling online:

Wanelo Shop


Wanelo shows products in the categories of Women, Men and Home from various online stores. Any store can join and post its own products, but you need people to “save” your products in order to rank high in trending and appear on the first page. A nice feature is when your product does show up and visitors click on it, it will also show other products from your store that have made it onto Wanelo. If products from your shop have already been posted, you can simply join Wanelo and claim your page so you can start customizing it. The best way to help yourself on Wanelo is to add the Wanelo “Save” button to your products’ pages and/or promote the Wanelo url that links to your shop.

Svpply Shop


Svpply was acquired by eBay last year. Its interface is simple, showing trending products from 123,000+ stores all across the web, in categories such as Men’s, Women’s, Tech, Media, Art, Home and Other, and updated every 10 minutes based on users wants and likes. The key is to get your customers to add your products and when they do, a store is automatically set up for you. Like Wanelo, they also have an “Add” button that you can put on your product pages to encourage visitors to raise your ranking on Svpply.

Ownza Shop


Ownza is as simple as the name states – make a list of the things you own and the things you want. It encourages users to do so by offering a cash back percentage (from the store) for posting the new things you buy. Now keep in mind, because you are sharing the space with large retailers, smaller shops are not obligated to offer a cash back. Like the other sites above, you can add the Ownza button to your product pages, but they also offer sellers another interesting feature, by allowing you to add the sharing module directly to your order confirmation page and encourage shoppers to share the purchase on both Facebook and Ownza.

FINAL WORD: You can never have enough free promotion, so take advantage of the exposure these social shopping sites offer your small business.

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Marketing Ideas to Steal from ShopStyle.com

by G.B. Oliver, Small Business Marketing Consultant

ShopStyle.com is an online affiliate store powered by the blog, PopSugar. Click on a category, such as Jewelry, can you will see all products currently available from major online retailers. You can break your search results down further into type of jewelry, color, price, store, brand, etc. A wide variety of products are covered from fashion to kids to beauty to mens to home decor.

Screen Shot 2013-06-24 at 4.24.29 PM

There are many aspects of ShopStyle that make it a brilliant online store, but it can also be an excellent marketing tool for anyone selling online.

Cool Features of ShopStyle

  • You Can Create a Sales Alert for any Product – Simply click on the “Alert” bell in the bottom right hand corner of a product photo and you will be sent an email as soon as that product goes on sale.
  • You Get  Notifications as You Shop – If you are quickly scanning through product photos, a bright pink circle on the photo will highlight just how much of a discount is being offered on a particular item i.e. Save 70%
  • You Can Shop Via Shopping Guides – On the home page, you can easily search for what you want using ShopStyle’s curated shopping guides by the editors at PopSugar, such as Fourth of July Style, Sleek Dresses for 9 to 5, and Gorgeous Wedding Accessories. 
  • You Can Shop Using Layouts – Also known as Inspiration boards, these are curated by the PopSugar community. These are great promotional pieces that are always popular on social media to help buyers put together an outfit or decor scheme, upselling other products.

How to Use It for Marketing

  • Determine Your Prices – Every shop seems to question whether they are pricing their products competitively. Looking at the major retailers will give you some perspective as to what the market will pay (I realize there is more value in handmade so adjust for that). Say you sell throw pillows. You can go to ShopStyle and click on that category and 6,267 different throw pillows will come up. You can then narrow the price range to pillows listed for $0 to $50 and you now get 3,143 pillows. So that tells you that roughly 50% of the decorative pillows are priced under $50. You can then also see which retailers are in your price range, which helps you to identify your target market.
  • Identify  Trends – If you are wondering which trends are popular, searching on ShopStyle can help with that as well. Go to the “earrings” category and select “Popular”. When I did it, the first five products that came up were cuff earrings, so they are obviously a big trend. At the top you will also see the searches that are trending for earrings. It will say, “Related: Feather Earrings, Diamond Earrings, Pearl Earrings”. That helps you identify other popular or upcoming trends.
  • Self Promote – You can also use ShopStyle to promote your own shop or blog. Simply create a profile on PopSugar, then create a list of your favorite products (that compliment not compete) and/or create a layout. You can then get your customers to like and follow your lists and layouts. At the top of your lists you are allowed to include a profile and your url, creating a link back to your shop.

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