Online Shop Marketing Planner for June

by Gail Oliver, Online Marketing Consultant

After many customers requests, I have resurrected my Monthly Marketing Planner but in a slightly different and more effective form.

online shop marketing planner

My June 2016 Online Shop Marketing Planner starts with two-pages of my exclusive marketing tactics that you need to do this month that will drive traffic and sales to your online store.

I also include 5 pages of marketing worksheets because it is so important to track your sales and marketing efforts month to month. If you don’t measure your efforts, you will continue to waste time and money on things that are simply not working. These worksheets put the evidence right in front of you so you will make smarter, more informed decisions about your shop.

One Ideas from June’s Planner

small business adviceWhen people visit your online shop, you obviously want them to pin your individual products to Pinterest and other social media sites. However, you can also add an image to your product listings that is really an ad for your overall shop, in hopes they will pin this as well. Creating this pin can take many forms. I had a graphic created a few years back strictly for use on social media.

But a quick and easy way to create a shop pin is to simply add your shop name overtop of one of your best product photos and it instantly becomes an ad. It should be stylish, not a watermark, and include a short positioning statement and shop url. You can then make this ad one of your listing photos in hopes visitors will also pin. Below is a good example of what I mean from one of my customers, Habitables, an Etsy shop selling beautiful mid century modern furniture.

example facebook ad

You can also put the image in the sidebar of your shop or blog, again in hopes people will pin. Putting text over an image is also an easy way to create an ad for Facebook and Instagram as they only let you run ads where no more than 20% of the ad is text. If your products are text based, simply change the text of one of your products to spell out your shop name.

Download my June 2016 Online Shop Marketing Planner and see the difference it makes in your shop’s success! Read more about My Services to see how I can help your business.

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