101 All-Original, Super Creative Promotional Ideas for Small Businesses

by Gail Oliver, Small Business Marketing Consultant

My new ebook is here! This is 101 All-Original, Super Creative Promotional Ideas for Small Businesses is a wealth of inspiration you’ll love!

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These are ALL my own original ideas that I gave a sneak preview a few weeks back in my blog post, 8 Promotional Ideas to Get Attention for Your Small Business. You are bound to find ideas here for your business or maybe it will inspire some of your own.

Some Promotional Ideas from the Ebook

I advise all types of small businesses, so I wanted to cover every type in this ebook. A few are ideas I have given to some of my clients (like #15 & #29 below) and the rest are BRAND NEW!

  • #15  – A jewelry store posting a photograph spelling out Happy Mother’s Day, using letter initial necklaces on their social media.
  • #29 – A pets product company posting a photo of a happy dog jumping for joy, wishing everyone a Happy First Day of Spring on their social media.
  • #53 – A dental office putting their label on dental floss containers and leaving them in a basket in the rest room at a local steak house.
  • #61 – A wine company whose label peels off (so you remember the name of the wine!)

promotional ideas for small businesses

 promotional ideas for small businesses

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Finally an ebook that gives actual, tactical & creative promotional ideas that will get your small business noticed! From a watch company posting a daylight savings reminder on their Facebook page of the time turning back on one of their watches TO a wine company with peel-off labels to help you remember the name TO a dental office placing a basket of their logo-embossed floss in a steak house restroom, 101 ALL-ORIGINAL ideas guaranteed to get attention for your small business! 13-page PDF.



8 Promotional Ideas to Get Attention for Your Small Business

by Gail Oliver, Marketing Consultant

NY TIMES SMALL BUSINESSIf you really want to know how to promote your business, as I have said many times, publicity is key. The press always loves writing about a unique promotion, especially if it can be part of a story relevant to something currently going on in the news – be it a holiday, event or a trending topic. I give tons of all-original promotional ideas in my Marketing Ebooks, so I thought I would give you a few here to inspire you.

One Small Business’ Promotional Idea

To give you an example, one of my clients, Bright Baby Photography, is a newborn photography studio in the San Francisco Bay area. The photographer, Gurpreet Kaur offers a service whereby once a month she will shoot a free baby portrait for a new mom whose husband is serving overseas. When it is Veterans Day (November 11th) or National Military Appreciation Month (May), it poses a good opportunity for her to tell the press about this offer (as the press is typically looking for editorial on this subject), bringing attention to her business. 

8 Promotional Ideas to Inspire You

These are some of my ideas that you can apply to your small business. Remember, you need to approach the press a few weeks in advance of the occasion in order for them to have time to work it into their editorial calendars.

  1. A fitness studio that is offering free workout classes on the day after “Fat Tuesday”
  2. A sports store that will either put winter equipment on a one-day sale or spring equipment on a one-day sale on February 2nd, depending on what the Ground Hog sees
  3. A real estate agent that offers a free service on how to “green” your new home is great to promote for Earth Day (April 22nd)
  4. A local grocery store that is offering in-store tastings of possible Superbowl recipes
  5. A restaurant that is offering a free drink to anyone who can show that they owe taxes on April 15th
  6. A beauty salon that is offering Shamrock nail art designs /manicures for St. Patrick’s Day
  7. A comic book store that is offering a free in-store viewing party for the premiere of the TV show, Games of Thrones (April 6th)
  8. A tutor that is offering a last-minute, free crash course for the SATS at a local library

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