How to Sell Your Products, Services & Digital Items on Your Blog

by G.B. Oliver

I had been debating whether to sell my ebooks on when I came across an article by Jeff Bullas called, Should You Sell Your eBook on Amazon or Your Blog? In the article he mentioned a payment platform company called Selz.


What Selz does is allow you to sell your products, digital products and/or services from your blog and/or social media sites, such as Facebook. This is a great opportunity to provide e-commerce on your blog, especially if you are on one of the platforms that does not support it (such as The only fee Selz charges is when you sell (no setup fees) a transaction fee of 5% of the retail price plus .25.

So, I have decided to sell my ebooks on Selz, and I just opened my shop there below. Now, I haven’t set up all the bells and whistles yet, but they offer a variety of tools to let you easily add Call to Action buttons to your blog and a store front right in your Facebook page.

My Ebook shop on Selz

Screen shot 2014-02-12 at 4.50.37 PM

If you are frustrated with your current online marketplace or just want a wider distribution, Selz may be a worthwhile venture for you.

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Author: Gail Oliver, Online Small Business Consultant

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  1. Hey from everyone at Selz thanks for the recommendation. Glad to hear we’ve been able to help with making a living online simpler. We continuing to work on more ways to make it easier for people to earn a revenue from pursuing their passions and doing what they love.

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