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I’m Gail Oliver. After years as a senior marketing executive for large companies in the high tech sector, I decided I had to stop working 12+ hour days for someone else and start working for myself. So, in November 2012 I started Attention Getting Marketing, my online marketing consulting business and blog, now read by 100,000 small business people.

I loved the idea of artisan online marketplaces, so I started advising Etsy shops (where I have only 5-star reviews!) but now my clients include everyone from online stores to real estate agents to consultants to direct sales businesses – anyone with a small business! My advice has appeared in publications from the New York Times Small Business blog to Success Magazine.

I offer affordable Marketing Services and information-packed Marketing Ebooks or feel free to email me at attentiongetting@gmail.com and ask how I can improve your business!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is your marketing experience/background?

I have a Bachelor of Commerce degree, majoring in Marketing, combined with over 20 years of marketing and business experience. I was the Director of Marketing at two prominent high technology companies and prior to that my very first job was as an advertising executive.

What is your online experience?

I have consulted for over 6,000 businesses in the last 5 years and my blog is read by 100,000. I am daily entrenched in the e-commerce space. I continually conduct market research on the latest e-commerce trends, products, designs and more, and I am pretty much the only online marketing consultant that helps businesses directly and writes a blog giving my all-original advice weekly (most people just regurgitate other people’s advice or sell a course that is, also, just regurgitated advice – be leery of them!).

How can you help my small business?

I offer a variety of very affordable services, but one of the most valuable things I can do is look at your business and immediately be able to tell you why you are not making sales and/or getting customers. I offer you not only practical advice, but also creative advice that will allow you to really take your business to the next level. You have to get really creative in order to get seen in this crowded marketplace!

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Customer Testimonials

“I also cannot thank you again for how much your critique helped my online photography shop! For 2014 I’m poised to do well over 5x the amount in revenue I did last year! ” Tanya Harrison Photography
◊ ◊ ◊
“Gail’s marketing blog is one of the few that I wait for updates each week and religiously read as soon as a new article is out, so it was a no-brainer for me to hire her when I need marketing help. She not only has the skill to craft an effective and to-the-point pitch, but she has the connections to get it to the right people. Plus, she includes helpful advice on how to pitch, when to send the email, and how to follow-up. Within a week of sending out all of my pitches, I’ve secured two spots for publicity on top beauty lifestyle blogs, have been asked to guest post on another, and a large blog will be doing an entire campaign featuring my products! I highly recommend using her to help get your brand quality publicity!” – Tiffany Berry, Lillian Eve.com
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“When my first children’s book was published, I contracted with Gail to help with publicity.  In no time she had written a practical, economical and excellent plan to help me publicize my book in social media as well as local and nationwide media.  Her ideas were fun, easy to implement and effective.  Gail knows her stuff, is willing to work within a ‘tight’ budget and has helped me more than any other money I invested in my book’s publicity.  I cannot recommend her highly enough.”  – Sharon P. Stanley, author of The Little Dog in the Middle of the Road
◊ ◊ ◊
Gail was wonderful! First of all she was very communicative and attentive throughout the whole process. Then she went above and beyond my expectations! I got exactly what i was expecting and even more. Very pleased with her service, would highly recommend her. Thank you so much!” – Pamela Gallegos, Pom Graphics Design 
◊ ◊ ◊
“Gail’s report was spot on! 10-12 pages of specific shop recommendations tailored to my needs and it arrived much faster than expected. I implemented all of Gail’s suggestions immediately and saw sales improve right away. Plus she was readily available to answer all follow-up questions. I could not be happier. Thank you Gail!!!”  – Carol Gillott, Paris Breakfast
◊ ◊ ◊
“If you are debating if you should hire Gail, take my word for it – her critiques are worth every single penny. My views have tripled since I implemented her SEO suggestions, and my sales are about to crack the 200 milestone (my shop is only 3 months old). She is the best in the business and you won’t have any regrets. Thank you Gail! :)” – Cristen Breuer, MooTugs
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“Gail, I just wanted to say that hiring you was the best purchase I’ve ever made! One of my listings is #1 on Google!” – Melissa Hansen, That’s My Impression
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“Gail’s marketing advice has been invaluable to my business. Friends, family and associates may tell you what they think  you want to hear. Gail will tell you what you need to hear. She addressed topics ranging from the broad picture, right on down to easily overlooked details. Some of her suggestions were in areas I would never have considered. I saw immediate results in response to changes made based on her recommendations.My first consultation was in early 2013. I was very impressed with the jam-packed content of her evaluation. I still refer to that material on a regular basis. I have since returned to her for direction on the various levels of development of my business. I plan to continue seeking her advice as my business continues to grow.” – Anne Garrison, Anne Garrison Design Studio

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