Need a Business Idea? Simply Solve a Problem (Like These Companies Did)

by Gail Oliver, Small Business Marketing Consultant

I often see people trying desperately to come up with an idea for a business, but the easiest way is to simply solve a problem that people are having. It could be with a current product or service offering, or an offshoot of a problem with another product.

Hopefully some of these product ideas will inspire you (be sure to also follow my Pinterest board, Products I Love!) :

Problem Solved: Cell Phone Off the Floor When Charging

small_business_ideasNow this is not an expensive product, but it solves a definite problem. This cell phone holder ($8) from Solutions simply keeps your phone off the floor when you are charging it (why do they make the charger cords so short?). What would make this product better? If you could fold it up and stick in your purse to take with you.

Problem Solved: Make Brushing Teeth Fun For Kids

product idea for a small businessAnyone with kids knows how hard it is to get them to brush their teeth, so anytime you can take something that a child finds a chore and make it fun, you will have success. Tooth Paste Pete ($5) is just a cap that goes over the  toothpaste tube and makes it instantly makes bedtime a lot easier.

Problem Solved: Small Dogs (and Fat Cats) Can’t Jump


There are so many issues that small dogs as well as older dogs have, and one of them is getting up onto high beds. This portable pet step from Collections Etc. ($15) offers a simple solution. Making it available in other stylish colors would make it even better.

Problem Solved: Being Seen When Biking at Night

small business ideas productsThese LED Spokelit Bicycle Lights ($11) are a great way to increase visibility and security when biking in the dark  (still need a headlight!). Considering that cycling at night is a factor in nearly 50 percent of all cycling fatalities, it offers a solution to a very real problem.

Where to Find Product Inspiration

Look around you. What products are you dissatisfied with and why? Ask your friends, family and colleagues what types of products they are looking for and can’t find. Maybe even try reading the reviews of popular and top-selling products to see where they are missing the mark and you could possibly fill that void. 

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Need a New Product Idea? Try Reinventing an Old One

by Gail Oliver, Small Business Marketing Consultant

Are you looking for a product idea for a business? Sometimes the easy way to find a new product idea, is to take a common everyday product we all use and make it even better.

Reinventing a Product

Let’s take soap for example. How do you improve upon soap?

Well, maybe you could:

  • make it last longer
  • smell better
  • clean better
  • look better
  • add some secret ingredient

pretty soap

OR you position it to a specific market segment:

  • soap for men
  • soap for kids
  • soap for sensitive skin

soap for men

OR maybe it is how you package it:

  • a bar
  • a loaf
  • a ball
  • in a pump bottle
  • in cutout shapes
  • on  a rope

how to make a product better

New Product Ideas Checklist

So, simply take a current popular everyday product, and then answer these questions. How can I make it:

  • look better
  • taste better
  • smell better
  • sound better
  • function better
  • more interesting
  • more useful
  • more fun
  • solve a current problem with the product
  • combine two products in one

If you need inspiration, I encourage you to check out and follow my Pinterest board, Products I Love, where I post everyday products that people took and gave a new, interesting and marketable update.

new product ideas


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