Marketing I Love! One Kings Lane

 by G.B. Oliver

If you are not familiar with the online store, One Kings Lane, they specialize in offering home decor and accessories products from different vendors, and showcasing certain selections of the vendors’ products for a limited time to buy. You have to be a member of One Kings Lane’s site in order to purchase.

So exclusive products at a reduced price for a limited time offer to a select clientele. It’s a great business model. Limited time offers mean people have to act quickly; exclusive products also make buyers act quickly; having products that are always marked down from retail price is a great lure; and a membership only storefront means a lot of repeat business from your customer base.

I was on their website recently and noticed some really smart marketing ideas that they’ve implemented, that a smaller online shop could take advantage of as well.

  • Invite Friends Offer: They have an offer that if you invite friends, either by emailing them a product listing or liking the product on Facebook, and the friend buys, you get a $15 gift card. And they make it really easy to do with the icons very prominent beside the offer and with one click all the product info appears in a posting on your Facebook page.
  • Smart use of Pinterest Icon: Some businesses just put the Pinterest PIN it icon on their product page, which can get lost in all the text, but One Kings Lane includes a sentence in red beside it telling you to “Click PIN it to Pin this product on Pinterest“. Your customers don’t always think to do it, so it’s a great reminder .
One Kings Lane groups their products into useful searches
  • Personalization Reminder: If a product can be personalized, One Kings Lane makes it very clear in two different places – a very visible icon on the product photo that says “Personalize It!” and another icon in the ordering information that says “Personalize this item” and then expands how the process works.
  • Sale Countdown Clock: They have a countdown digital clock on the page so you know exactly how many hours and minutes you have until the sale ends. Great way to get you to act quickly.
  • Delivery Time: They give the estimated arrival for every item at the bottom of the product copy.  For example, they will say “Estimated Arrival Nov 28 – Dec 3”. This is helpful if it is a gift and you need to know that if you purchase it, it will arrive in time for Christmas.
  • Vintage Descriptions: One Kings Lane is known for also carrying a lot of vintage items. In their copy, they will always identify the era and condition. For example, Era: 1960s  Condition: Very Good; blemishes and weathering from age and use. If you are selling vintage items, you must include the era and condition as it will help the item be found in Google searches (customers searching for a specific piece from a specific time), as well as vintage customers expect this type of information.

These are all easy marketing tips that you can apply to your online shop or business that will help boost your sales.

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Author: Gail Oliver, Online Small Business Consultant

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