Clever Ways to Use Trending Twitter #Hash Tags to Get In Front of More Customers

by G.B. Oliver

Yesterday I gave a tip on Twitter that if you are selling baby products and you want to get in front of a lot of people, use the hash tag #royalbaby as that was trending big time yesterday. Now, not everyone checking out these tweets is going to be your target market, but what can it hurt when it will put you in front of so many Twitterers?

I am not saying that you use this occasion to try and promote one of your products because the social media world can be unfriendly and that may not be well received. But you could send a congratulatory message and hopefully your logo and company name is clear as to what you sell, and that will get the curiosity seekers to notice you and click over to your profile.


This is what social media is about. I have never thought Twitter was ideal for getting to the end user or customer (unless you are a celebrity) because I don’t think most people use it for that, and I think more people like to tweet than read tweets. But you can reach potential customers if you are clever enough (and without looking like that is what you are trying to do) and taking advantage of trending hash tags is an effective way.

Now today for example, the hash tag #socialmedia is trending. Think of a relevant, clever tweet regarding this subject, such as:

#socialmedia has been great for small businesses like mine!

When Twitterers click on the hash tag in the Trending box on the left, your tweet will appear among the others. Again, if you are using your business logo and name, it is like putting up a free ad in front of hundreds of thousands of people. It will only be for a split second, but the volume alone should make up for that.

Another popular hash tag today is #VSfashionshow. Now when hash tags like this one are a little more unclear as to what they are about, that alone will get people to click on it. It actually stands for the Victoria Secret Fashion Show. So if you sell to women, think of a clever tweet so it shows up among the others and puts your shop in front of your target market.

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Author: Gail Oliver, Online Small Business Consultant

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