Will the Right Avatar Help You Sell More?

by G.B. Oliver

Ok, so right away you may be saying, what is an avatar – and we are not talking the movie. An avatar is the graphic image you use on all Social Media as well as on your online shop to represent who you are to others. The majority of people use a photo of themselves. Some people use a logo. Some people use a silly graphic. Some people don’t do anything and use the grey head image supplied.

The truth is an avatar is a great marketing opportunity so you should use it wisely.

My avatar - I use a photo in my online shop, but I use my logo in social media
My avatar – I use a photo in my online shop, but I use my logo in social media

Using Your Photo as an Avatar

Let’s take your shop for example. More than likely you are using a photo of yourself. Not a bad idea because it lets customers put a face to the shop and that may help them buy from you if they can visualize you. However, a bad, blurry or poorly taken photo will not help you. If your avatar is not top quality, why would your product be? So get a professional photo taken and ask the photographer to reduce it down to the avatar size to avoid pixelation, and you may see a difference in customer confidence.

Using a Photo of a Product as an Avatar

If you are a jewelry seller, for example, and you have a top selling or classic piece, then definitely consider using a photo of the piece as an avatar. When your avatar shows up on social media sites like Twitter and Pinterest, it clearly tells people what you are all about and that may peak their curiosity enough to click on your avatar, especially if your handle name states the name of your shop as well. It will not be poorly looked upon as everyone will try to tell you. The social media market has changed and it has been infiltrated with businesses who are doing it, including large players. All the major magazines like Martha Stewart and Glamor use their current issue as their avatar. Nothing wrong with that. It’s free advertising so why not.

Using Your Logo or Shop Name as an Avatar

While I do think your online shop benefits from some sort of personal photo, I don’t believe a personal photo helps much on social media. You will get lost in a sea of faces. Social media is a great free advertising opportunity, so as long as your company name can be clearly read in an avatar that is about 1/4″ size on Twitter and 1/8″ on Pinterest, it could serve you well because people see it and think, what’s that shop all about? One more tip. Avoid white backgrounds and light colored fonts. They will get lost on social media. You need strong colors and bolded text, even all capitals, to be attention getting.

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Author: Gail Oliver, Online Small Business Consultant

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