How to Make a Photo Sell Your Products

by Gail Oliver

Take a look at the photo below. It is from a wedding blog called Style Me Pretty. The photographer, Kristin Vining, took a photograph of the bride holding a variety of clutch purses, which are obviously gifts for her attendants. This photo caught my eye because I actually thought it was an ad for the shop selling the purses. It wasn’t, just a good photographer capturing every detail of a wedding.

Photograph by Kristin Vining Photography at
Photograph by Kristin Vining Photography at

Now, if I was selling clutch purses, I would add a photo like this to my shop. Why? Because with one photo I just gave a visitor another reason to buy that they may not have thought about.

Show Who the Product May Be For

What if a bride is visiting my purse shop, but just looking for one for herself. She sees a photo like this and it automatically registers that, yes, these purses would make a great attendant gift. Much more effective then just putting it in the product description because photos convey the idea so much faster than words. While you need photos that are strictly of the product (as these are the ones that tend to get picked up for editorial) you also need photos that quickly tell visitors the need and uses for your product.

Show Uses for the Product

Another example for you. I recently saw a lot of baby onesies online with a Santa or Christmas motif. Every shop just had a photo of the onesie, or the onesie on a baby. However, I thought why doesn’t anyone have a photo of the baby wearing the onesie sitting on Santa’s knee? Wouldn’t it be the perfect thing to wear for baby’s first photo with Santa? A visitor to your shop would see a photo like this and think, I will get more use out of this than just Christmas morning, I can use it for the Santa photo. Therefore the product now has more value, and I am more likely to buy. So think of all the people who would buy your product, or all the reasons someone would buy your product, and see if you can come up with a photo that conveys this to visitors. It may do your selling for you.

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Author: Gail Oliver, Online Small Business Consultant

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3 thoughts on “How to Make a Photo Sell Your Products”

  1. Great post! I’ve been racking my brain about how to best sell my subscription service- we’re scheduled to appear on the cover of one of our local magazines, and I just got an idea!

    We sell gift subscriptions, so why not have a photo of a model holding on of our gift boxes with a little tag line saying something like, “Gifts every month from In a Pretty Box!”

    Thanks so much for the inspiration!

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