How Trends at NY Fashion Week Can Inspire Your Products

by G.B. Oliver

It’s good to remember that fashion influences products in all areas – children’s products, home products, decor, art, wedding products, you name it. New York Fashion Week just wrapped up and here are some trends to note that may carry over into your market. A lot of these trends were inline with a previous blog post I wrote, Product Trends for 2013.

Teal, fur, 60s patterns at the Anna Sui show (photo from The Cut)
Teal, fur, 60s patterns at the Anna Sui show (photo from The Cut)

Trends from New York Fashion Week Fall 2013:

∞ Materials – Fur (including colored fur), leather, beaded fabrics, brocades, embroidery, shiny materials, quilted materials

∞ Patterns – Menswear patterns such as houndstooth, checks, pinstripes, large thin plaids, herringbone as well as camouflage, florals, cheetah prints and weaved materials

Eras – Mod 60s and Glam 70s with retro patterns and gold metallics

Countries – A lot of the oversized fur hats, coats and mittens gave a nod to Russia, possibly because they are hosting the 2014 Winter Olympics

∞ Colors – Burgandy/wine, army green, purple, camel, teal and black

∞ Jewelry & Accessories – Huge, oversized flowers on necklaces and bracelets; large cluster necklaces, chain chokers, large colorful pendants on very long chains, color blocked purses (black and a bright color), clutches (a lot of purses that looked like iPad covers), handle bags,  large gold belt buckles, fisherman caps, beanies and fur hats. Did I mention large?

How to Apply These Trends to Your Products: 

  • Maybe we’ll see faux fur throw pillows in teal or in a weaved pattern of leather and metallic gold.
  • Wedding invitations might be moving away from chevrons and ombres to bright plaids and florals.
  • Possibly we’ll see lots of colorful, oversized faux fur mittens for kids.

Take a Couple of Trends and Mix Them Together:

  • Try clutch purses in cheetah prints with beaded accents.
  • Maybe quilted camouflage iPhone covers.
  • Choker necklaces with large plaid flowers.

While you may not be interested in applying trends to your products, to have just one trendy product is good for getting editorial and publicity, which will then bring people over to your shop.

If you are still not sure how to apply trends, then check out this article at CasaSugar that shows how today’s fashion trends can carry over to home products.

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