Mother’s Day Marketing Ideas for Your Online Shop

by Gail Oliver, Marketing Consultant

The North American Mother’s Day holiday is one of the biggest buying holidays of the year. If you have products that appeal to this target market, are you making it obvious on your online store? It’s not too late to get those late minute shoppers. Here are some Mother’s Day marketing suggestions you may want to implement to really drive sales:

Remind Visitors of the Date

Not a lot of people remember the actual day. They know it’s May, but are not sure which weekend. A polite reminder gets them to buy right away, especially if the day is getting close.

mothers day marketing ideas


Offer Free Shipping and Quick Shipping 

If buyers have left their shopping to the last minute, then an obvious worry is will you get it to their Mom in time. Ensure them that you will, and doing it for free is always a big plus.

mothers day marketing tips


Appeal to All Budgets 

Not everyone spends the same amount on Mother’s Day, so make sure you have divided up your product selection for all types of budgets.

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Have Something for Every Type of Mom 

A lot of people have to buy for a mother, mother-in-law, step mother, and they all have different tastes. Try to make your shop one stop shopping by appealing to their different interests or styles.

mothers day marketing tips

Give a Deal or Special Mother’s Day Offer

Everyone loves a sale so why not offer a special discount for Mother’s Day? Using a coupon code tracks the effectiveness of the offer.

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Up-Sell Your Other Services 

You can either offer additional services for free, such as monogramming, personalization, adding a card or gift wrapping, or for a small additional fee.

mothers day marketing ideas and tips


If you did not prepare  properly for the Mother’s Day buying rush this year, then remember to make it a priority for next year. Start your marketing campaign in early April and use all of these suggestions to maximize your sales. And don’t forget to add “Mother’s Day Gift Guide” to your shop sections as they get read by Google and Bing.

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Author: Gail Oliver, Online Small Business Consultant

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