Why You Should be Pitching Your Products to be in Holiday Gift Guides NOW

by G.B. Oliver

Major magazines typically work about four months in advance. So in other words, right now they are planning their November issues, and a big part of any November issue is a holiday gift guide. So if you want your products to be included, you need to be pitching them to editors now.

When you pitch your products to be included in a gift guide, there are few things you need to include in your pitch:


  • Specify who the potential recipients could be, such as husband, wife, daughter, boss, teacher, etc.
  • Specify the price, as a lot of gift guides are categorized as such i.e. Gifts $25 and under, Gifts $25 to $50, etc.
  • Specify the type of person who would like it. For example, the Fashionista, the Fitness Buff, the Geek, the New Mom, etc.
  • Specify if the gift gives back (part of the proceeds go to charity, shop supports third world vendors, etc.)

Holiday issues are typically the most widely read issues of the year. So you can also pitch your products to be included in other aspects of the magazine’s holiday editorial. Consider these suggestions:

  • Decorating – Do you have products that work for holiday decor?
  • Entertaining – All those holiday parties require food, serve ware and table decor
  • Travel – The holidays are high travel times and magazines are always writing about products that make it easier
  • Fashion – Maybe your products add to the perfect outfit to wear to a holiday party, Christmas day or New Year’s Eve
  • Cards – Holiday cards, as well as invitations to parties, house warmings, etc., are obviously in big demand
  • Photos – Everyone wants that family photo for the holiday card, so it’s a great time to promote any product that will enhance the photo i.e. special outfit for new baby, Santa hat for dog, Happy Holidays sign, etc.

FINAL WORD: Holiday sales are usually the biggest of the year for most businesses, so don’t wait until the last minute to plan for it, or you may be too late. 

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