Tuesday’s Ask Gail: Will My Online Store Be More Successful If I Sell Just One Type of Product?



Hi Gail

“Your online shop should sing the same tune.” This is advice that I’ve seen posted by others.  When I asked my recently graduated business student son what I could do to get sales, he said basically the same thing.  “You have too many ideas going on.  Choose banners OR stationery and stick with that.” The thing is, I think the fact that I’m using paper as my medium, and die cutting the majority of my products IS cohesive. Plus, I get bored doing just one or the other.  What’s your take on this, Gail?

Deb Michalik

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Hi Deb,

I understand what your son is saying and why others post that advice. It has to do with search engine optimization (SEO). When you focus on selling one type of product or having a niche online, it really helps your SEO because all the keywords on your site are similar. Therefore, the feeling is that you are not confusing the search engine as to the type of products you sell.

But the truth is Google doesn’t just read your shop as a whole. It reads each individual shop section on its own as well, and that entire section can show up in Google search results as if it were its own website. By making your shop section titles three-keyword phrases. and then having each listing in that section start with that same phrase, you can easily offer a range of products (as long as they are all in the paper realm, as you mentioned, as Google also recognizes like-minded products) and it won’t affect your shop’s overall SEO. If you are still not sure how to do this, try my Etsy Shop Critique where I tell you exactly what your shop section titles should be to maximize your SEO.

Good luck! Gail

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  1. Many thanks for your very thoughtful and thorough answer, Gail! Every point makes perfect sense, and I intend to implement your suggestions over the next few days. I love your blog and truly appreciate the time you put into it, so that small business folks like me, can benefit. I look forward to reading more questions/answers in your upcoming posts! Thanks again! deb

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