New Product Ideas for Art Prints and Photography

by G.B. Oliver

Art and photography can be a tough sell these days. Thanks to the online marketplace, it is becoming even more saturated and as a result, prices have dropped. It is a wonder that artists can make any money any more.

But that is when you have to get creative! Just like any product that is in a saturated market, you need to find new ways to repurpose your art for different markets in a manner you don’t feel hurts your artistic integrity.

Everyone has gone in an art museum gift shop and seen Van Gogh’s The Starry Night, among others, repurposed onto umbrellas, note cards, coasters, you name it. Now, I have found a few other unique ways art and photography have been “repurposed” that may inspire the artists out there.

A Photograph as Part of the Frame

This frame is based on New York Skyline, an original gelatin silver print by Irving Browning. The photo was put onto brushed aluminum frame and is sold at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Definitely a cool way to find new life for your art photos.

Embossing Makeup with Fashion Sketches

Christian_Dior _Tailleur_Bar_Palette
I thought that this eyeshadow palette from Christian Dior, called Tailleur Bar Palette, was such a clever way to reuse vintage fashion art. The make-up is embossed with the iconic New Look sketch by Dior artistic director Rene Gruau done back in 1947. This is a limited edition product (which is already on back order) making it a great collector’s piece.

Add Some Class to Your Cell Phone

These iPhone cases were done in collaboration by British mobile phone case company, Proporta and the National Gallery London to bring some iconic museum pieces to cases for iPhones, iPads and other tablet and readers cases. A little more classier than rhinestones.

Wear Your Art 

These leather booties, from Free People, gets their design from a great abstract print. We’ve seen art on silk scarves and tees, but now it go even be worn on the feet!
So all you artists out there, do not get discouraged if your work is not selling. Instead, try to find new, exciting ways to bring it to customers. See more ideas for new product ideas for art prints and photography at my Pinterest board.

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Author: Gail Oliver, Online Small Business Consultant

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