Product Photography I Love! Cosmetic Companies

by G.B. Oliver

Cosmetic companies have some of the best product photos and they are getting more and more creative. Great photographs get highly circulated on social media and act as an advertisement for your business. So see if these are some ideas you can borrow, regardless of what you sell.

1. Highlight the Main Feature of Your Product


When it comes to selling nail polish, it is all about the color, and this one definitely conveys the richness of this shade. A stunning photo by nail polish company, Essie, not only is this photo eye-catching, but it is the kind of photo social media loves. Continue reading “Product Photography I Love! Cosmetic Companies”

Customer Success Story!

Bella-NYC-magazineMagazine-spreadCongratulations to one of my customers, Brut et Baroque on Etsy, whose gorgeous linen bag appears in the July/August issue of Bella NYC Magazine.

3 Easy Ways to Be a Walking Billboard for Your Small Business

by G.B. Oliver

Are you maximizing the exposure of your business, starting with your everyday life? Once you walk out the door, you can become a walking billboard for your small business in many ways. Here are 3 good examples to try:

Custom phone case from Zazzle

Your Cell Phone, Laptop & Ebook Reader Cases – More than likely you have a cell phone and you have a case for it, but did you realize that you have valuable advertising space right on the cell phone case itself? There are hundreds of companies that will create a custom cell phone case for you that could incorporate your company logo, maybe a tag line, a website address, you name it. So, the next time you are sitting at a Starbucks, make sure your cell phone is on the table, case side up so it gets noticed. You can also do this with a iPad case, a laptop bag or backpack and walk everywhere with your company name facing out for everyone to see. If you have employees, create custom covers for them as well.

Your Clothing – Maybe you can’t afford to be an exhibitor at a consumer show (such as a bridal show, a home show, a parenting show, etc.) However, you can afford to attend the event and spend the day walking around the show in a t-shirt that clearly advertises your business on both the front and back. Make sure to have business cards on you in case people ask. Wear the t-shirt for any big traffic event, such as walking through a busy marketplace, running a marathon, attending a televised sporting event – the point is you want to always be advertising. And it doesn’t just have to be a t-shirt, it can be a jacket with your logo (and url) on the back, a baseball cap, your baby’s onesie (why not?).

Your Vehicles – Most people are familiar with this one. You can put your logo on your vehicle, but you can also paint your entire vehicle as an ad for your business. The key is making sure the vehicle gets seen. Leaving it parked in your garage is not going to help you. You want to hit the highway in rush hour where people will likely be stopped behind you in traffic. You want to park in front of a busy mall or outdoor event. You also want to think about other vehicles. You can put your logo on your motorcycle, bicycle, trailer home, or boat.advertise-car

FINAL WORD: Look at what you take with you when you go out the door, from your phone to your purse to your clothing to your car, and think about whether it can be an advertising medium for you.

Need Marketing Help You Can Afford?

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6 Popular Blogs That Will Mention Your Sale

by G.B. Oliver

Having a sale in your online shop and not sure where to promote it? There are a variety of popular blogs that have regular features, typically on Fridays, where they promote online retailers having sales.

Now, I cannot guarantee they will add you to the list, but it is worth a shot. You could also try adding your sale in their comments section, if you see that they allow others to do it.

Deals of the Day at Lucky Magazine Online
Deals of the Day at Lucky Magazine Online

Where to Promote Your Sale is one of the most widely read blogs for home decor, recipes and more, with over 8 million readers a month. In their online Weekend Guide, they regularly feature Sales & Events from across the country, both online and instore, and even have a submission form for shops to submit theirs. So go for it! is not just a blog for fashion for college girls. It started off that way but has evolved into one of the top fashion blogs, known for their interesting theme inspiration boards. Every Friday they have their Coupons and Sales section, where they post sales from typically the top online fashion stores. That doesn’t mean you can’t try and make their list. Just ask in their contact form. also has a Friday section on their blog called, Top Online Shopping: Weekend RoundUp for fashion and beauty products, as well as mens fashion. Email the editor at and see if they will add your sale to the list.  

Racked is a great blog because it covers fashion, home, kids and wedding products. They have a section called Deal Feed. You can submit your sale as both a National sale or a city-based sale i.e. New York Deal Feed. Submit your deal to and be sure to give all details including the length of time of the sale, the amount of the discount, and what you sell. You can also try to get in their Weekend Sales Report, but it does seem to focus on major retailers.

Lucky Magazine offers a Deal of the Day  at their online site. Mostly fashion and beauty deals, they do seem to promote less known online shops, so it is worth a try. You have to offer a good deal, though. Contact them at lucky

People Magazine’s StyleWatch has a section online called, Exclusive Deals You’ll Actually Use, and they do show deals from smaller vendors here. Contact the editor at but be sure to put, “Submission for Stylewatch’s Exclusive Deals” in the subject line.
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Consider These Story Ideas for Product Pitches

by G.B. Oliver

As you know, getting your products in editorial in magazines, blogs, your local newspaper, etc., is always a surefire way to get sales. But coming up with a story pitch for a writer is not that easy. So here are some ideas taken from today’s headlines that I thought might inspire you (and a few ideas at the end for the near future).


Story Pitches for Home Products

  • 5 Fresh Decorating Ideas to Bring Into Spring
  • Trend Alert: Mirrored Art
  • Spring Awakening: 51 Colorful iPhone Cases
  • Brighten Your Pad with Playful Decor
  • Welcome Spring with Floral Accessories Under $50
  • I Can’t Believe It’s From Etsy: Oil Paintings

Story Pitches for Baby & Kids Products

  • The Most Beautiful Baby Sleep Sacks
  • Cool Finds: Etsy Your St. Patty’s Day
  • 7 Oz-Inspired Picks for Kids
  • Hit the High Seas in Our Favorite Pirate Picks
  • 7 Animal Wallpaper Designs for Your Lil Wild One

Story Pitches for Fashion

  • 50 Swimsuits under $50
  • 7 Pinterest Boards Chic Moms Should Follow
  • Ditch Your Boots for These 17 Cute (and Cheap) Flats
  • 5 Striped Tops to Welcome Spring
  • What to Wear with Printed Jeans
  • Pretty Pastel Picks for Spring

Story Pitches for Wedding Products

  • 3 Great Ways to Save Cherished Wedding Memories
  • Vintage Navy Wedding Inspiration Board
  • 10 Tips for Toasting at a Wedding
  • Great Gatsby Wedding Inspiration
  • Our Favorite Escort Card Ideas
  • Top 10: Wedding Envelope Inspiration

Story Pitches for Beauty Products

  • 10 Nail Trends to Try This Spring
  • How to Get Better Skin by the Morning
  • Fix Your Most Common Beauty Problems with These Products
  • Spring Make-up Colors to Chase the Blues Away
  • The Secrets of Wearing Dark Lipstick

Story Pitches for Pet Products

  • March Essentials for Your Furry Friends
  • What to Pack on a Road Trip with Your Pet
  • From Functional to Wacky: Products to Keep Kitty Happy
  • Celebrate Valentine’s Day with the Pet Love of Your Life

As you can see, Spring was a big editorial topic. So what topics do you think editors will be looking for now, in order to publish in a month or two:

  • Movie influences with releases such as Star Trek, Superman, World War Z
  • Television influences with Game of Thrones Season Premiere
  • Holiday influences with World Health Day (April 7), Earth Day (April 22), May Day (May 1), Cinco de Mayo (May 5th), National Teacher’s Day (May 7th) and Mother’s Day (May 12th)

Not sure WHO to pitch to? Try one of my blog lists, plus find other helpful marketing tools in my Etsy shop.

My New Blog Lists for Fashion, Wedding & Home Decor
My New Blog Lists for Fashion, Wedding & Home Decor and Kids & Baby Products

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How to Get Blogs to Feature Your Products

by G.B. Oliver

Blogs have taken over online content in a big way. According to, WordPress alone hosts 42 million blogs with 329 million readers. That is an unbelievable statistic! NY TIMES SMALL BUSINESS

So, if you sell fashion, you would love to have a top fashion blog mention your products. If you sell wedding items, you would love to have a top wedding blog mention your products. So how do you do this?

Bloggers are constantly looking for new and exciting story ideas.  Therefore, the key is to pitch a story, not a product. 

How to submit to blogs



How to Submit to Blogs

Before you pitch your products to any blog, you need to check out their content first, mostly to make sure that you are not submitting a story idea that they have already recently done.

So, think of something timely (bloggers are looking up to six weeks in advance) like an upcoming holiday. An example story pitch would then be “10 Great Finds for Your Easter Dinner Table”. 

Then read their submission guidelines. Typically, a blog’s editors will detail what they are looking for, and what they are NOT looking for. It is best to read this part and do what they say for the best chance of success.

Also, if they are asking for submissions by email they will tell you what to put in the subject header of the email. If you don’t follow their instructions, your email won’t get read.

Keep the pitch short and to the point. Link to your product. Insert, do not attach, a photo (it will go into spam otherwise).

Customer Success Stories

I have a client who took my advice and got her products mentioned on a top fashion blog. As a result, she got hundreds of product views and several sales just in the first few hours that it appeared (this is a good conversion rate, remember not everyone buys right away).

I have another client whose product appeared on a shopping blog, resulting in 330 product views, but more importantly 49 sales, in just a few days. In other words, a 15% conversion rate (which is very good), mostly because it got directly to her target market, and not just to the masses. As an added bonus, her product got pinned to Pinterest from the shopping blog over 200 times. And almost a year later, she is still getting traffic and sales from that blog post.

Want one more reason why it is a good idea to make blogs aware of your shop? Because it has become a big trend for online marketplaces to have popular bloggers pick their favorite products and act as guest pinners on Pinterest. Etsy recently did this with the blogs Camille Styles and Daily Candy. has profiled favorite product picks from bloggers, as has One Kings Lane.

My Publicity Pitch Service

I offer a service for just $99 USD where I will write 10 different story pitches for 10 top media (magazines, blogs, etc.) for you to pitch to. Just email me at to discuss.

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