Try This Old Marketing Trick to Sell More Products and Services

by Gail Oliver, Online Marketing Consultant

I was in the drugstore yesterday and I saw an annual back to school favorite called the Teen Value Pack, which consists of 10 different skin and body care products from various brands packaged together in a box for a value price of $9.99 (retail value $42). Even though my kids may only need half the products in the packs (my son isn’t old enough to shave just yet), I still bought them because I felt like I was really just paying for one product and getting the rest for free.

Screen shot 2015-08-06 at 2.00.45 PM

The lesson here is that consumers love getting value for their money, and love getting many items at one expenditure almost feeling as if some were free. So, have you thought about bundling together your products and/or services?

There are a few advantages to this old marketing trick:

  • The customer might be more likely to go for the bundle because of the overall cost savings, allowing you to sell more product to one customer at one time, and hence make more money overall.
  • It is a good way to introduce new products and create future demand
  • You can take advantage of various selling occasions or events to create bundles or value sets around, such as Back to School, Having a Baby, Going on a Trip, New House, etc.

It can also be a way to quickly expand your customer base. Back when I was working for a computer software company, we wanted our customers to start buying the CD version of our software because it was much cheaper to produce. But a lot of people didn’t have CD-ROM drives in their computers (we’re going way back here). So the company bundled the CD version of the software with a top-notch CD-ROM drive (they worked out a deal with the manufacturer to buy them at a really good price). They packed the software and CD-ROM drive together in a box and called it the Blockbuster Bundle for the same price as buying the software on its own and they sold like hot cakes. Why not, it was a chance to essentially get a free CD-ROM drive. The end result was not only did we successfully get our customers to upgrade to CD-ROM, but we got a ton of new customers in the process.

So come up with a bundle that makes sense, offer it at a value price where you still make a decent profit, make it a limited time offer, and see what it does for your business.

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How to Get More Customers by Learning More About the Customers You Already Have

by Gail Oliver, Online Marketing Consultant

New clients always ask me how to get in front of their target market and get more customers. One of the problems may be that you don’t know enough about your current customers. Luckily for you, social media has made it very easy for you to find out more about the people who are buying from you (and from your competitors).

how to get more customers

Follow Taylor Swift’s Lead

For example, a few weeks back I wrote a post about What Your Business Can Learn from Taylor Swift because she really gets it in that she understands that her fans are her customers. So when she wanted to send some of her die-hard fans Christmas gifts, she went onto their social media pages to learn more about them.

Now, as a business owner, have you done this? Have you tried to learn as much as possible about the people who have already bought from you?

What You Can Learn From Your Customers’ Social Media Pages

It is not as creepy as it sounds, but basically is an exploratory exercise. Someone who has bought from you is likely representative of other people who would buy from you. By checking out their social media pages, be it Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc., you will find out a lot of information about them such as which blogs they read (because maybe they sent out a link to a recent post), what TV shows they watch (because they have liked their fan page) even what stores they shop at (because they posted a photo of a recent purchase).

Tactics to Try

All of this information is really helpful in not only marketing your business, but also in creating future products and services your customers might like. Start by looking at their Facebook posts to see the type of content they have liked and/or shared. Then go to their Pinterest page and see which pins they have repined or liked or what type of boards they have created on what types of subjects. Go to their Twitter profile and see which media outlets they follow, which is really helpful if you are trying to find new places to advertise or get publicity for your business. This is why I always recommend to my customers to follow their customers on social media.

You can also use these same tactics to find out more about the people who are buying from your competitors, as likely their customers are following them on social media.

The more you know about your customers, the better chance you have of not only finding them, but selling to them … Gail 

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3 Types of Customers Your Small Business May Be Ignoring

by Gail Oliver, Small Business Marketing Consultant

I am amazed at how many people set up an online business and then quickly expect world domination, getting thousands of orders daily from customers in every part of the globe. The truth is, a successful business can get the majority of their customers from these three sources:

Screen shot 2014-10-08 at 10.06.52 AM

1. Repeat Customers

We seem to always be on the hunt for new customers, but what is wrong with your old or current ones? Depending on the nature of your business, 30% or more of your sales should come from repeat customers. Plus, it is much easier to sell to a previous customer than it is to a new one.

Ways to get repeat customers:

  • Follow your customers on social media (so they follow you back)
  • Give your customers special offers and exclusives just for them
  • Reach out every now and then to your customers just to say hello, wish happy holidays, etc.
  • Ask your customers to join an email newsletter list
  • Listen to and try to meet their needs for new products or services

2. Referrals

Happy customers will recommend you to their friends and family. Referrals and word of mouth are typically the easy way to get a sale because the customer does all the work for you.

Ways to get referrals:

  • Ask – it is sometimes that simple. Nicely ask your customers to recommend you if they are happy with your product or service
  • Give an incentive, such as a free gift, free service or discount off of their next purchase for each referral
  • Send them a promo item (t-shirt, bag, pen) with your logo and url on it. When they use it, it acts like a referral
  • Throw a few business cards in with the product, they may pass them on

3. Your Local Market

Why are we such snobs when it comes to our local market? Buyers are buyers, and as I have told my clients many times, you will see that people want to support their local businesses, out of a sense of pride and because local businesses pay taxes and employ people.

Ways to get more local business:

  • Participate in and/or sponsor community charitable events
  • Form alliances with other, non-competitive businesses for cross promotion
  • Make friends with the local business writer at your newspaper to get press or provide needed quotes or sound bites on other local business news
  • Label your products, business cards, and marketing materials with “Proudly Boston-based” or “A San Francisco Company”
  • Join local business networking groups

Ask Me a Question!

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Traffic is Not Sales

by G.B. Oliver

Do you ever see marketing promises that say, “We’ll get you tons of traffic”. Well, that’s very nice but traffic is not a guarantee of sales.

For example, say you sell jock straps. If one day 500,000 women visited your site, how many jock straps do you think you would sell as opposed to if 500 men visited your site? Exactly, if they have no need for your product, they’re not going to buy it.

Having lots of Twitter followers doesn't necessarily mean sales
Having lots of Twitter followers doesn’t necessarily mean sales

Another offer you’ll see is, “I will tweet you out to my 200,000 Twitter followers”. Well who are these followers? Are they just other companies who wanted a follow back, so the person reading your tweet is their Web marketing person (who is not reading tweets, just sending them). How many of their followers are actually still active on Twitter (people do get bored with social media and take a break). Don’t be lured in by high numbers. Again, if they are not who you are selling to, it is not going to make a difference.

What You Want is Traffic That is Your Target Market

So if you sell wedding products, for example, and someone says they will get you in front of 200,000 brides, that is reliable traffic…maybe. How long have these “brides” been on their blog, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, etc.? A woman plans her wedding in 12 to 18 months so if she first joined their blog 2 years ago, she is married now and not interested in wedding products. She just hasn’t taken the time to unfollow. So, it could be only 60% of these 200,000 brides are still potential customers. Which is still good, but remember numbers can be overestimated.

Same thing if you are selling maternity clothes, for example. Women are only pregnant 9 months, so if they’ve had the baby, they may still be on that person’s email list but have no need to buy your products.

FINAL WORD: So go find where your potential customers are really hanging out online, at this moment in time, and that is where you will find the traffic that will buy from you. Now, how do you find this out? Simple, ask them. If you are selling to 13-year old girls, you must know a few – family, neighbors, friends’ kids. Ask them where they go online and that is where you’ll find your traffic that will lead to sales.

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