The Trend of National Days: What National Day is Tomorrow?

by Gail Oliver, Online Marketing Consultant

trend-national-days-national-day-tomorrowFor a few years now, I have been telling you about the growing popularity of “national days” on social media. Some are fun, some are silly and most are popular due to the fact that a major brand typically jumps on board to take advantage of the trending day, making it even more popular on social media (i.e. Starbucks and #nationalcoffeeday).

The Most Popular National Days

If you are using national days to help get visibility for your social media accounts, then you may be curious as to which national days are the most popular. According to Google searches, here is what I found, in order of popularity:

  • #NationalGirlfriendDay (August 1)
  • #NationalBoyfriendDay (October 3)
  • #NationalDogDay (August 26)
  • #NationalDonutDay (June 1)
  • #NationalBestFriendsDay (June 8)
  • #NationalSiblingDay (April 10)
  • #NationalIceCreamDay (3rd Sunday in July)
  • #NationalPuppyDay (March 23)
  • #NationalBeerDay (April 7)
  • #NationalCoffeeDay (October 1)
  • #NationalPancakeDay (March 7)

So if you only feel like jumping on the “national day” content band wagon for a few, these are good ones to go with. By the way, tomorrow, November 28th, you will likely see the hash tag #GivingTuesday trending as it is the national day of giving. The purpose of this day is to celebrate generosity and giving back.

National Days Rising in Popularity

There are also national days that started to get some traction this year and may see more interest this year. The top 5 rising national days (in terms of searches) are:

  • #NationalLipstickDay (July 29)
  • #NationalBurritoDay (1st Thursday in April)
  • #NationalCheeseburgerDay (September 18)
  • #NationalTequilaDay (July 24)
  • #NationalWineDay (May 25)

Stay on top of the most popular and most interesting national days with my January 2018 Social Media Content Calendar, packed with other trending content ideas, social media tips and examples. If you sell on Etsy, you will prefer my Etsy version here.

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10 April Marketing ideas for Your Small Business

by Gail Oliver, Small Business Marketing Consultant

If you are on social media a lot, especially sites like Twitter, you have definitely seen trending hash tags such as #NationalPuppyDay (that was Monday) or #NationalCheeseSteakDay (that was yesterday). Now these “national’ days and observances may seem silly but they actually have a lot of marketing potential.

I first wrote about them in my blog post, Is There a National Day of Observance Right for Your Business? A lot of these national days also make up part of my monthly marketing calendar, because they are an opportunity for you to join in the conversation and get your business seen in the process.


National Days for April

So what are some big national days coming up for April? Well, there is pretty much one (sometimes two or three) for every day of the month, but the ones that I think have the most marketing potential are:

  • #NationalChildrensBookDay (April 2nd)
  • #NationalBeerDay (April 7th)
  • #NationalPetDay (April 11th)
  • #NationalScrabbleDay (April 13th)
  • #NationalJellyBeanDay (April 22nd)
  • #NationalAdoptaShelterPetDay (April 30th)

How to Use National Days to Promote Your Business

It doesn’t have to be anything complicated to take advantage of all the trending these holidays do on social media and in the press. For example, you could simply send out a tweet with the cover of your favorite children’s book from childhood (with the hash tag #NationalChildrensBookDay) and ask people if they love it too, and if so to retweet. Be sure to retweet other people’s choices as well.

Cute animals always do well on social media, so for National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day why not do some good at the same time and go down to your local animal shelter, take a photo of a pet that needs a home, and post it to Instagram asking all of your followers to “like” it.

Other PR & Promotional Opportunities

There is a lot going on in April, with other events and occasions that present opportunities to get press for your business and capitalize on promotional opportunities. Just a few:

  • Opening day for Major League Baseball League (April 6th)
  • Coachella Music Festival (April 10th)
  • Game of Thrones season premiere (April 12th)
  • Earth Day (April 22nd)

This is why you will love my Monthly Marketing Calendar for Online Shops. Besides including everyday marketing ideas and tips to get your business noticed, it also reminds you of these events (and well in advance for some future events) so you can really capitalize on the attention and editorial opportunities they bring.

APRIL ADMy April Marketing Calendar for Online Shops is available here.