Unique Small Business Idea – Wine & Canvas

by Gail Oliver, Small Business Marketing Consultant

I saw an interesting business on the news the other day and thought it might be inspiration for other small business owners out there.

Unique small business ideas


Wine & Canvas Mobile Art Lessons

Wine & Canvas is a mobile business that hosts painting events at various local establishments, such as bars and restaurants, and it is packing them in!

People are looking for different forms of entertainment these days, as well as new social opportunities, and Wine & Canvas presents a great one. Customers get an art lesson alongside having a drink and socializing with friends and other painters (they also get to leave with their artwork).

It benefits the host restaurant as it provides an opportunity to bring in customers on their typically slower nights. As for Wine & Canvas, not only do they offer a unique event, but they also have minimal overhead costs as they do not have to pay for a hosting facility. Wine & Canvas makes money from the class fee, and the restaurant makes money selling food and drinks. It’s a win-win for both businesses.

How This Idea Can Inspire Your Business

If you are an artist of any kind, teaching is always a great way to have a second revenue stream, as well as introduce yourself to new potential customers.

If you are a store front, restaurant or other type of retail establishment, think of what types of complimentary businesses you can bring in for select events that will introduce your business to their customers and help you through those slower times.

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Author: Gail Oliver, Online Small Business Consultant

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  1. Brilliant Post! A lot of small businesses here in the UK could do with taking on board such ideas particularly during a time in which the online platform seems to be getting more attention from customers than actual stores. Do you think the idea of combining two businesses for such a venture is limited only to restaurateurs etc?

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