Is Your Small Business Taking Advantage of Custom Services?

By Gail Oliver, Small Business Marketing Consultant

The customized market for goods and services is growing as shoppers have particular needs they want filled and the online world seems to be allowing them to do it.

For a small business, this poses a great opportunity if you are looking to expand your revenue opportunities. Instead of guessing what people want, let them tell you.

Customized Services Online Shop

Take Blue Nile for example. They allow you to customize an engagement ring for a much more personal offering. From the setting to the carat to the shape to the setting to the type of metal, you choose everything online and they create it to your specifications.

Coco Myles is an online store that lets you design your own dress. Whether it is for a bridesmaid dress, prom dress or special occasion, you choose the top, skirt, material, color and embellishments from a easy-to-use select-and-click visual menu. They even allow returns on custom dresses.

The online furniture storeUrban Barn allows you customize the sofa you want. You choose the color, fabric, leg styles, size, configuration, whether you add a sofa bed, etc. Ideal if you have an unusual size room or space to fill.

At Shoes of Prey, you can design your own shoes. Being able to choose your color, style and material is a great option especially for people with unusual shoe sizes.

Even if you sell services (such as myself) you can include a listing that lets potential customers outline the exact type of service they need if it is not something you are currently offering.

Allow for the customization of your offerings are a great way to discover potential new products, services and revenue streams that you may not have known about unless you asked.

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Author: Gail Oliver, Online Small Business Consultant

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