Would You Buy a $4.85 Million Painting Online? Amazon.com Now Selling Fine Art

by G.B. Oliver

Amazon.com, the leading online retailer, announced yesterday the launch of Amazon Fine Art Store. In this new shopping category, Amazon has listed over 33,000 pieces from leading art galleries. So, before you independent artists get too excited, Amazon is currently only accepting applications to sell on their site from galleries and representatives, not individual artists.


So, would you buy a $4.85 million painting – the most expensive art that Amazon has listed – online? (did I mention that shipping is free, if that makes it more enticing).

Now, there are a couple of things to note. The artwork is not going to be in Amazon’s warehouse like their other products. The gallery will ship the art to the customer directly. Amazon is acting more like an agent facilitating the deal, taking anywhere from a reported 5 to 20% cut. Also, you are not getting any kind of pricing deal. The price Amazon charges is the same price you will pay at the gallery.

Amazon does sell other expensive items, like $100,000 engagement rings, but this foray into truly luxury items will be an interesting experiment to see just how comfortable people are buying high ticket items online, especially from a main stream retailer. Amazon does have 182 million active customers, including a large international market, so if anyone can make it work, they definitely have the best shot.

FINAL WORD: So for those of you who were thinking about developing a more expensive, higher end line of products, keep your eye on Amazon as a potential reseller down the road.

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  1. Imagine the commission if I manage to sell one of those paintings. Just one sale from a million dollar work and I’m set for the YEAR!

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