3 Marketing Ideas To Try In November

by G.B. Oliver

1. Approach Editors About Valentine’s Gift Guides


That’s right, holiday gift guides are in full swing, so if you missed out you might as well start on the next big gift buying holiday. Valentine’s Day is 11 weeks away so start emailing editors of blogs and magazines that your target market reads with possible gift guide topics that could work for what you sell. i.e. Valentine’s Gift Ideas for the Dog in Your Life, Valentine’s Gift Ideas for a Boyfriend of 2 Months, Valentine’s Gift Ideas for Kids, etc

2. Comment on Thanksgiving Pins


As long as your avatar and user name denotes your business, commenting on Pinterest pins is free advertising for you. Over the next two days comment on as many Thanksgiving recipe pins you can find, because that is what people will be looking at.

3. Approach a Local Shop


Small local shops are always looking for opportunities to bring more shoppers into their store, especially during holiday shopping season. Approach a store that compliments (but doesn’t compete with) what you sell and see if they will let you set up a special table just for your products. You will handle all transactions, giving them a 10% cut at the end of the day. The additional benefit for them is that you will bring all of your friends, family and customers to their shop that day. Plus, they have something to promote, “Special Vendor in the Shop Today!“.

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Marketing-Ideas-NovemberNeed More Great Marketing Ideas for Your Small Business?

I can tailor a detailed (and affordable) marketing action plan, just for your business that will get you noticed! Just contact me at attentiongetting@gmail.com

© 2013 G.B. Oliver. All rights reserved.

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  1. I actually have been thinking about Valentine’s Day, so this is timely


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