6 Monthly Subscription Box Companies for Indie Products

by G.B. Oliver

The monthly subscription box service is fast becoming a hot business model. Every month, these companies send a sampling of products to their subscribers, but typically they are brand name products.

Well, there are a handful of companies specializing in artisan, indie and smaller brands. It’s a great opportunity for independent sellers to get their products out to a wider audience, and create future customer demand.

Sample Gift Box from Umba Box
Sample Gift Box from Umba Box

6 Indie Focused Monthly Subscription Box Companies

Umba Box – This is one of the original artisan subscription box businesses. The founder’s goal was to have an Etsy meets Mary Kay type service. Every month, subscribers receive packages of two to three women’s handmade products. Umba buys your products at wholesale prices for resale in their online store as well as inclusion in the box.

Dottie Box – This monthly box features  high quality handmade items, small business, and indie brands for women. A lot of Etsy sellers are among the brands being offered. This subscription box service does ask for below wholesale prices, but it does not sell your products on its site. You will still get future, direct sales.

Box of Happies – This is also a monthly box of  three to five handmade items. Like Dottie Box, having your products included is more of a promotional effort, as they will still direct customers back to your online shop to order.

Fair Ivy  – Fair Ivy has been around since 2008, and is seen as more of a monthly gifting service for women, where a handmade surprise is sent directly to the recipient. Again, there are a lot of Etsy sellers being featured, and future direct sales are sent back to your online shop.

Papirmass – A monthly box where you receive one indie art print. This Toronto based company is growing and was recently featured on top blog, Apartment Therapy. While they only accept submissions for inclusion up until October 15th, you can still submit now for consideration for next year. Your art is also sold in their online shop.

In a Pretty Box – This company focuses on artisan made products for women, with the full-size box offering three to five products each month.  They do not ask for deep discounts from vendors because the company’s goal is to support small business, so their subscriptions prices are a little higher. They also do not sell your products at their online shop, so you get future direct sales.

Sample Monthly Gift Box from Pretty In a Box
Sample Monthly Gift Box from Pretty In a Box

FINAL WORD: Subscription gift box companies are a great way to reach your target market and develop a regular customer base. If you can handle the demand and the wholesale pricing, it is definitely worth approaching these companies.

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    1. Hi Meg!

      Just go to their websites (all are hyperlinked in the article) and go to their contact form. Say that you are interested in being a supplier and what are the requirements. They will typically have an evaluation process, a wholesale agreement (if they are going to resell your products as well) and will probably want a sample.

      You may want to ask some of their current sellers (non-competitive to you) what their experience has been with the company.

      Best of luck!


  1. Thank you so much for including In a Pretty Box! We are growing as a company and have recently re-branded as Lily and Eve which will allow us to offer a total handmade shopping experience,

    We are always looking for handmade artisans to work with each month and are now launching our affiliate program.

    Thank you again for including and thinking of us!

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